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Time to Act!

‘It’s time to turn this pain into action,’ Biden continued, ‘We have to make it clear to every elected official in this country: It’s time to act.’ — “Biden: ‘When in God’s name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby?’,” The Hill, 5-24-22

President Biden came down hard against pro-gun Americans during remarks on Tuesday [5-24], according to The Hill, following the tragic killing of 18 schoolchildren in Uvalde, Texas. The wake of such horrifying shootings leaves everyone in the country shaken, yet we must remember the true criminal is not the gun itself but the individual who wields it.

Like politicians and gun control groups, we too would “beg – implore” our readers to stand fast in their determination. But unlike pundits and politicians, we know the truth about the right to keep and bear arms. Rights are not bestowed by the Constitution or by any government entity. They are intrinsic, God-given rights that no law has any business to give or take away. The law’s one and only job is to protect those rights, including the right to the free exercise of religion — which in fact may be a large part of the answer.

It should little surprise our readers that in a country where God is left out of the public arena, citizens kill each other in the cruelest and most unimaginable ways, robbing innocent young people of their lives and devastating countless families. We beg all Americans to support organizations like churches that teach kindness and respect for fellow man, rather than demonizing religious organizations as has been done more and more lately.

Take, for example, a recent article from MSNBC warning parents who want to homeschool about the “danger of being drawn into Christian conservative networks.” Christians in America, reports the article released May 12, 2022, use homeschooling as an “insidious way” to keep their children separated from “undesirable immigrant groups.” This gross misrepresentation can be found throughout the media as Christians are stereotypically lumped together with racists and potential terrorists.

With that definition of Christianity, who would want to be identified as such? Yet look more closely at the teachings of true Christian faiths and you will find people learning to love one another and treat everyone with respect, as well as refraining from violent behavior. Take these principles away from our schools and our society, and it is no shock that individuals use weapons for abhorrent acts such as school and grocery store killings.

We again declare emphatically that taking guns away from responsible citizens will lead our country, not to a utopia, but to enslavement under tyrants. Realize that many gun control groups are controlled by some of the same individuals influential in the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  For example, Michael Bloomberg, the former Mayor of New York City, is a prominent member of the CFR and largely funds the gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety. The legislation these groups promote is no accident, as the CFR has displayed all too prominently its globalist and anti-gun agendas. And one of the last barriers to global tyranny is the U.S. Constitution and an armed citizenry.

President Biden and all those in league with CFR Insiders use emotionally charged language to convince us that we must take action. But for those who recognize this as a call to end our freedoms and begin a new era of totalitarian rule in America, his words are nothing less than chilling.

Recommended action: Don’t be fooled. Use Freedom First Society’s booklet Disarming Americans! — Aiming to Confiscate Our Guns to learn how gun control laws lead to more and more government control and the eventual enslavement of the people. Order more copies and share with those who would be interested. We need your help to make a difference, so please act now!

Don’t Say “Don’t Say Gay”

“The recent statements by The Walt Disney Company (TWDC) leadership regarding the Florida legislature’s recent ‘Don’t Sat Gay or Trans bill’ have utterly failed to match the magnitude of the threat to LGBTQIA+ safety represented by this legislation…. While we certainly appreciate Bob Chapek’s apology note, there is still more work to be done. — Open Letter & Petition — Disney Do Better Walkout (, by activists claiming to represent (TWDC) LGBTQIA+ community and their allies

Many of you have read about the uproar over Florida’s newly (March 28, 2022) enacted legislation regarding parental rights and the teaching of sexuality in grades K-3. While we could present a decent case for eliminating government-funded schools as the true solution, we recognize that, with the way education is structured in America, this is not happening anytime soon. For now, we want to point out that the true danger of the topic of LGBT rights is that it serves to move our country toward a Marxist, 2-tier society.

The basis of Marxism is that society is made up of victims and oppressors. Many countries have fallen because of tumult among the lower, or “victimized,” class — only to be taken over by ruthless tyrants. Those seeking power in America desire the same result. But since America doesn’t have a rigid economic class system, the victims must come from somewhere else.

Thus, we hear the cry that those who have unnatural affections (can one truly call it otherwise?) are being oppressed and must be protected. We see the same idea applied to other groups such as women and minorities.

We certainly agree that no one should ever be bullied or harassed, regardless of their station, nature, or life choices. However, these groups aren’t really seeking equality but are actually demanding special status with “rights” that turn out to be entitlements that other citizens do not enjoy. For example, the open letter above, written by LGBT activists in the name of Disney employees, claims that Florida’s new law “challenges basic human rights,” threatens “safety and well-being,” and that TWDC merely “placate[s] the LGBTQIA+ community with subpar representation in the content produced.” But since when is indoctrinating children via public school and media a basic human right?!

If you watch mainstream media about this backlash, you’ll find accusations of Disney being “woke,” as well as pundits pointing out that the left misunderstood the legislation or did not study it enough. However, Americans need to understand that this is not a misunderstanding or a difference of opinion. The clash over Florida’s new law is one battle in the war for the nation’s culture. Indeed, “capture the culture” was the battle cry of followers of Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci, who studied and developed tactics for seizing government power.

Gramsci believed that undermining morality plays a critical role in the endeavor to topple Western democracies, replacing them with communistic governments. And again, while we maintain that all humans have God-given rights that no one can infringe upon regardless of their characteristics or choices, the question of sexuality boils down to morality. The increase of young people “coming out” as gay, trans, etc. can certainly be explained by the issue being brought to the forefront in movies and TV, in the news and in their local schools and even churches.

Since Biblical times, sexual deviation has been seen as an affront to God and a threat to the sacred natural order of families and procreation. Yet today we are supposed to see homosexuals as deserving extra protection. And if we don’t wholeheartedly embrace homosexuality and other perversions, we are accused of infringing upon rights. Yet such immorality has an intrinsic connection to rebellion against God.

We warn that these orchestrated trends will lead, not only to amoral future generations, but also to a defunct Constitution and to the rise of tyranny.

Truly, the problem isn’t with our friends and family who have been convinced in their kindheartedness that we should stand up for the “oppressed” gays, nor with those who unwillingly struggle with such issues. The true danger is Marxism that divides our society into oppressed and oppressors. We should strive to treat everyone with love and kindness but stay firm in the knowledge that morality is a necessary component to the survival of our Republic against the onslaught of would-be tyrants.

We align our stance with that of George Washington, whose words in his Farewell Address we would do well to remember:

Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness — these firmest props of the duties of men and citizens.

The Ominous Omnibus

“…[T]he Biden administration announced that $350 billion in state and local funding provided by the American Rescue Plan – the President’s major Covid-19 relief bill, signed into law in March 2021 – was permitted to be used for hiring law enforcement, paying officers overtime and enforcement efforts to reduce gun violence exacerbated by the pandemic, as well as technology and equipment investments for law enforcement.” In New York, Biden turns his focus to gun violence as Democrats try to shed ‘defund the police’ label – CNNPolitics

Freedom First Society members received a legislative alert on March 8, 2022 about an upcoming omnibus appropriation, which in regular order would be considered as 12 individual bills. Omnibus bills are a huge problem because — like the American Rescue Plan, which weighs in at over 600 pages — senators typically feel rushed to pass the whole omnibus, often without having time to even read the bills in their entirety (the current FY2022 omnibus, H.R. 2471, was 2,741 pages long!). This opens the door for unconstitutional insertions such as the gun control measures mentioned in the above quote. Congressional leaders routinely sneak in spending and other measures that constituents and representatives themselves may not even notice!

Omnibus bills are a destructive and totally foolish way of running the country. But as long as we stay silent about it, nothing will change.

Says the group Gun Owners of America, “Because your elected officials are afraid of being on the record, … [they stuff] things they don’t think will pass on its own merits into what is known as the annual omnibus bill, or omni for short.”

Indeed, omnibus bills have been used to pass legislation that ranges from the silly to the sinister. For example, in Dec 2020, then-president Donald Trump signed a nearly 6,000-page omni that contained measures concerning the mailing of cigarettes, the doping and medication of racehorses, and of course funding for a vast number of federal programs that have put our country into trillions of dollars more of debt.

The most recent omnibus reinstates VAWA, the Violence Against Women Act. While this piece of legislation ostensibly protects women, it contains red flag laws that prohibit citizens from gun ownership if they are even suspected of a propensity for violence. This new legislation masquerades under the seemingly benign title of “Homicide Reduction Initiatives.”

It may seem logical to pass legislation to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, but please remember that criminals don’t really care about breaking the law. Red flag laws serve to harm only those who would own guns legally — responsible citizens who could be targeted in the future for a number of reasons such as religious beliefs, political party, how they school their children, etc. It’s not unthinkable that this could happen, as it has already occurred in countries across the globe: think Rwanda, Nazi Germany, and current Venezuela.

For those who responded to our call to action and contacted your representatives asking them to stop the omnibus bill, we thank you! Although the omnibus is now public law, you can still send an email to your congressmen complimenting them for voting against the omnibus or registering your displeasure if they voted for it.  (See link to rep votes here, links to senate votes here, and links to contact info here.  Don’t be misled by the distracting Haiti aid vehicle for H.R. 2471.)

And if you are not yet a member of Freedom First Society, we encourage you to join our organization and be notified when your help is needed to stop harmful legislation from being passed.

Dismantle ATF to Save Our Gun Rights

“[T]he evidence provided by ATF thus far demonstrates that such records likely have little utility in prosecuting crime, yet raise serious concerns about whether ATF is creating a prohibited national gun registry.” — Letter from Congress to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, February 3, 2022

36 members of Congress signed the above letter questioning the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) on their motives for collecting nearly a billion records from federal firearms licensees (FFLs).  We, too, would like some explanation to be given to the American people for these actions. However, we think we can guess at this organization’s goals, and probably with more accuracy than we’d find in any admission on their part.

With the passing of laws like the National Firearms Act of 1934 and the Federal Firearms Act of 1938, we saw legislative infringements against the right to bear arms increase.  Corrupted legislators began to disregard the protection of that right by the Second Amendment.

A stream of such laws has done nothing to prevent the horrific violence we see repeatedly in the media: they serve merely to punish law-abiding citizens.  Clearly, the claim that the laws protect us is a fraud for the laws target the law-abiding, not the criminals.  Laws don’t keep guns out of the hands of criminals.  The protection claim is just a pretext to cover up steps leading to civilian disarmament. And a gun registry, such as is already in the works by ATF, is one of the most egregious leaps toward gun confiscation that we face today.

The goals of the unconstitutional ATF fit right along with the agenda of conspirators for totalitarian control. Their design is to subject the American public to fear and unrest, and thus persuade the people to give up the God-given right of self-defense willingly. And once the right to bear arms is relinquished, there is no chance to save the others.

In short, the letter from Congress gets at the right idea of questioning ATF. However, the solution will not be for ATF to restructure its actions. The only result that will truly save the American people is to “Stop ALL Gun Legislation, NOW!” and ROLLBACK prior legislation including dismantling the firearms regulating ATF.

Congress, Do Your Job!

“Congress needs to do its job.”
— President Biden, February 3, 2022

In the wake of the tragic deaths of two New York City police officers, President Biden has made yet another push in the direction of disarmament of the American people. On February 3, 2022, he called for Congress to “do its job” and approve budget increases to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars to end the epidemic of “gun violence” (for the video of the speech, click here).

He has also asked for America’s legislative branch to pass legislation that purportedly regulates “ghost guns” that are not purchased in a store but are constructed at home, as well as tracking guns across state boundaries. “If you commit a crime with a ghost gun, not only are state and local prosecutors going to come after you, but expect federal charges and federal prosecution as well,” said Biden.

While some of these matters may fall under Congress’ “duties,” the President is atrociously wrong in claiming that these measures will help America.  The federal government is the problem not the solution. It has been tearing down the twin pillars of a free society — traditional morality and religion — and helping to create a society that produces criminals.

Yes, the president’s proposals do violate our rights as protected by the Second Amendment. His claim that “assault weapons” should not be bought and sold by law-abiding citizens does usurp those rights, as many handguns used for self-defense fall into this “forbidden” category. His proposed budget increases heap increasing tax burdens on the middle class. We pray that Americans will not be swayed by the emotion of the tragedy to support the President’s outrageous proposals.

Yes, Congress should do its job. It must defend the Constitution and reject the socialist “reforms” proposed by President Biden.

California — At It Again!

“A California city [San Jose] has passed the first-of-its-kind gun law that will require gun owners to purchase liability insurance and pay an annual fee on their weapons.” —  Fox News, Jan 26, 2022.

This insidious legislation, requiring residents to purchase their right to keep and bear arms, essentially changes the right to a privilege that only those willing to pay may enjoy. And of course, San Jose residents will be enjoying an unconstitutional tax by one of California’s most revolutionary city governments.

We certainly deplore the financial impact this legislation would have. But more importantly, we urge Freedom First Society supporters to fight all such gun legislation because of the steppingstone threat against our rights protected by the Second Amendment.  It’s not just a San Jose or California threat.  It’s nationwide. Because as San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, who introduced the measure in 2019, said himself:

San Jose has a chance to act as “a model for the rest of the nation to invest in proven strategies” to limit gun violence.

Thus, no matter where you live, we hope you will keep your eyes on developing initiatives like these. Because the ripples will spread far and wide if we don’t do what it takes now to stop politicians from passing such obviously unconstitutional laws.  Notice also that Mayor Liccardo follows the gun-grabber strategy by blaming the gun (“gun violence”) rather than the perpetrator when a gun is used illegally.

Which begs the question, what do we do to stop this before we have our guns confiscated?

First, although we appreciate the efforts of any group to fight illegal gun legislation, we must not trust these groups to fight our battles for us. For example, the Firearm Policy Coalition called San Jose’s new law “burdensome, unconstitutional, and prohibited by California law” and sought an injunction to stop its enforcement. While we certainly agree, we do not expect that legal efforts, leaving concerned citizens as mere spectators, where their freedom is at stake, will be enough to stop the gun grabbers.

Therefore, we recommend as much as ever before that each reader inform himself or herself and take necessary action. We need thousands of loyal Americans holding politicians’ feet to the fire, communicating effectively and consistently that we will not allow these laws in our cities and states.

What does this communication look like, and how do we find so many fellow citizens who will help us fight? Simple! Just visit Freedom First Society’s Stop ALL Gun Control Legislation, NOW! campaign page by clicking the preceding link. We’ve outlined steps to spread the word on current developments and to contact your local politicians to make your voice heard.

Giving Up Our Rights, Right and Left

Under the guise of protecting lives, our government has undertaken the effort to dictate how we should react to certain infectious particles. This, of course, is a huge step away from the freedom Americans have enjoyed in the past. Whatever happened to, “If you have a cough, please wear a mask,” or, “If you’re sick, please stay home?” Instead, we are being bombarded with ridiculous safety measures.

Presumably, these measures are for our protection and for the safety of others. And out of love for our fellow man and respect for ostensibly well-meaning lawmakers, we comply.

But the notion has been cankering in many an internet forum and household discussion: What if the new rules are not for our protection, but to prime America for even greater directives? Already, cities like Chicago and New York have passed unprecedented vaccine mandates, even requiring proof of vaccination for children as young as 5 years old.

“If you wish to live life as normally as possible, with the ease to do the things that you love, you must be vaccinated in the city of Chicago starting January 3rd,” says Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. She then adds that, “This health order may pose an inconvenience to the unvaccinated, and in fact it’s inconvenient by design.”

The True Goal
The true goal behind such mandates is not safety but control.

We only need to look behind the scenes at who is providing the supposed scientific knowledge for proof that, regardless of the naivete of some politicians, the orchestrators of covid mandates are not benevolent. And those orchestrators either come from or take their ideas from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). As stated in the CFR Annual Report from 2020: “Demand for CFR’s analysis of COVID-19 was particularly robust; CFR experts briefed staff from more than 220 congressional offices on the pandemic.”

And what does the CFR want? A receptive constituency where future dictatorial measures would be passed and accepted as routine and necessary as long as they fall under the umbrella of “protecting the public.” (To appreciate the incredible significance of the CFR and its driving agenda, please read our booklet, Dare to Call It CONSPIRACY.)

Of course, we worry most about Americans’ willingness to give up their Second Amendment protected right to bear arms. As we’ve seen in cases such as Nazi Germany, the Rwandan genocide, and most recently, Venezuela, all that is needed for complete civilian disarmament is a bit of convincing and constant propaganda, and the right to bear arms is lost.

And we definitely see a heightened media effort to insist that the public good outweighs individual liberty (disregarding the fact that individual liberty naturally cultivates the public good). We are told that in order to protect others we must give up the right to decide whether or not to take a vaccine, and in the same light, that gun ownership is just too dangerous and so should be abandoned.

Fortunately, many Americans see through the farce. And while we encourage commonsense personal efforts to stay healthy and safe, we must also speak up fervently in opposition to both government control of healthcare and to giving up our Second Amendment protected rights.

Please join us in writing to your local representatives and sharing this message with friends and family as we take a stand for freedom in America!

Media Portrayal of Gun Ownership

Lest our readers accuse us of beating a dead horse, we remind you that the attack on gun ownership in America is not a horse but a demon, and it is far from dead.

We must not forget nor lay aside our claim that gun ownership be protected in our country and not infringed. As a reminder that the right to protect our lives is still very much threatened, we continue to see the media reporting on school shootings such as the recent event in Michigan, using them as a pretext for tighter gun laws.

Remember that the media will portray these terrible acts of violence in a way that condemns the ownership of guns, rather than the individuals who make such horrific decisions. Yet sometimes, even the fiercest attackers of the right to bear arms will blunder and utter the truth.

Take, for example, the article published by The Guardian on Dec 2 of this year. It reports that Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) demanded that the House-passed H.R. 1446, the Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2021, be passed in the Senate by unanimous consent. H.R. 1446 would require tighter background checks and longer waiting periods for purchasing guns. However, Murphy admits a very true principle in his tirade: that tightening laws won’t actually prevent violence in schools. Says Murphy:

I don’t claim that this proposal nor any other proposal to change the nation’s gun laws will have an effect on every single shooting…

Of course, we understand this fact and are glad to see it in such a public article, albeit surrounded by slights against gun-owning parents and any who would protect the right to own firearms.

The true intent of encroaching gun laws and red-flag laws is not to stop shootings, for they cannot logically do so. The “Enhanced Background Checks” legislation’s purpose is to limit gun ownership and eventually lead to gun registration and confiscation.

We cannot turn a blind eye to legislation pushed on us, even in emotional circumstances such as following a school shooting. Such senseless death is devastating but must not be allowed to earn all gun owners the label of “criminal.”

Please decide today to write to your local representatives to stop such legislation. Urge your friends to do so as well. Use Freedom First Society’s social media presence to share the message. Buy copies of Disarming Americans! and distribute them as widely as you can.

We can all raise our voice in protest to the biased propaganda of the Establishment media and, in so doing, protect our country and our loved ones from the ruinous tyranny that would surely follow civilian disarmament.

Guns, a “Public Health Crisis”? — Give Us a Break!

“A breakthrough federal study pegs the cost of firearm injuries at more than $1 billion annually, with public funding, particularly Medicaid, paying more than 60 percent of that.

“When big-city local television news broadcasts overflow with gun death stories, it’s easy to overlook the 30,000 hospital stays and 50,000 emergency room visits annually caused by gunshot injuries.” — “As Biden seeks gun-related victories, watchdog report shows high cost of gun-related injuries,” The Washington Post, August 12, 2021, via

The False Premise of Guns as a Public Health Threat
Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government, with heavy influence from the CFR, has attacked our right to bear arms from a new angle. “Gun violence” is now being termed a “Public Health Crisis.” And why shouldn’t it be? Most Americans have already become accustomed to and accepted the unconstitutional federal involvement in healthcare since the passage of Medicare and Medicaid in the 1960’s and their continual expansion.

Now in the midst of a pandemic, many of our freedoms are being sidelined for the “benefit of everyone.” So, calling “gun violence” a public health crisis is the perfect excuse to execute the Insider disarmament objective. But we must realize that under the healthcare argument, the private automobile could be equally villainized along with private gun ownership as well as many other things that support a free society.

This “epidemic,” as Biden calls it, is actually fueled by a government-induced deteriorating economy, lenient punishments for violent criminals, and primarily, the demoralizing and disintegration of the family unit over the years by the Insiders and their liberal lackeys.

The Same Old “Solution”
For support, the Post quotes Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney (D-N.Y.), chairwoman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee: “[Maloney] said the report [from the Government Accountability Office (GAO)] ‘provides shocking new evidence of how gun violence strains our health care system.… Congress must do whatever it takes — including abolishing the filibuster if necessary — to address this public health crisis … and keep our constituents safe from gun violence.”

Some of these actions being pursued by the Biden Administration include budget measures and changing of the guard at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

Biden has proposed two budget measures since April totaling $7.1 billion to curb violence, particularly “gun violence,” which includes incentives for states to tighten up background check laws and set up voluntary gun buyback programs.

And the President’s pick to head the ATF is David Chipman, who comes with all the right credentials to disarm Americans. Take, for example, his 25 years working as an agent for the ATF and his current position as a senior policy advisor at Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. According to Wikipedia, Giffords “is a national public interest law center which provides legal assistance to elected officials, government attorneys, and activists in the United States to promote gun control and to oppose firearm ownership.”

So, not surprisingly, Chipman’s record includes advocating for tougher gun laws, including limits on high-capacity magazines and an assault-style weapons ban. We must insist that our representatives block all new anti-gun legislation and the appointment of people like Chipman.

The Ultimate Insult: “Gun Violence Affects Races Differently”
To further coax gun owners into shunning their right protected by the 2nd Amendment, The Washington Post throws in the divisive Critical Race Theory (CRT): “That plague [the gun violence public health crisis] leaves many gunshot survivors, particularly Black people, without the care they need because of inadequate health insurance. “

In a nutshell, CRT teaches that race determines one’s social standing. By singling out a particular race as shouldering the bulk of medical bills (and we know this burden really falls on the middle class, be they white or black), The Washington Post is loosely arguing that to not support stricter gun laws would be racist. It is repulsive that news commentators would esteem violence of any kind against one race as more significant than another.

All races do indeed deserve equal opportunity to succeed and to fail. And therefore, no class of persons should ever become dependent on the government for sustenance, housing, healthcare, or income. Unfortunately, CRT ignores the real causes of resistant inequality in America and will continue to stir up hatred and violence demanding “urgent action” toward a police state.

It’s Our Freedom to Save!
Because we have failed so far to restrain government from regulating our healthcare system and inflating prices, it may seem daunting to try to fight against complete civilian disarmament.

We have a lot to undo in Washington, but it can be done!

For a more in-depth analysis of the Insiders’ agenda to abolish our right to bear arms and what you can do about it, please obtain and read a copy of Disarming Americans! Aiming to Confiscate Our Guns.


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