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Giving Up Our Rights, Right and Left

Under the guise of protecting lives, our government is dictating how we should react to certain infectious particles.

Media Portrayal of Gun Ownership

The attack on gun ownership in America is not a horse but a demon, and it is far from dead.

The UN’s IPCC Climate Fraud

“As the world battles historic droughts, landscape-altering wildfires and deadly floods, a landmark report from global scientists says the window is...

Guns, a “Public Health Crisis”? — Give Us a Break!

“A breakthrough federal study pegs the cost of firearm injuries at more than $1 billion annually, with public funding, particularly Medicaid,...

The Federal Money Tree

The Federal money tree is a very real threat to our freedom and prosperity.

It’s NOT a Democrat Problem!

America is NOT suffering from a Democrat problem.  It is being victimized by a Conspiracy that has corrupted both parties and...

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