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The Purposeful Erosion of Local Self-Government (DVD)


Mrs. Julianne Young researched and developed this presentation and its graphics, following her eye-opening experience in dealing with local government.  She had delivered the talk many times to enthusiastic audiences in her local Idaho county before Freedom First Society videotaped it so her message could be shared nationwide.

The heart of her presentation traces an immense power grab operating below the radar screen of almost all Americans. In particular, Julianne documents how the same internationalist forces that gave us the League of Nations and the United Nations have organized a little-recognized assault on local self-government.

Of special value, Julianne concludes her presentation with a discussion of what won’t work (hacking at the Conspiracy’s branches), her endorsement of the Freedom First Society program, and an enthusiastic description of the growing network of Chapters in her Idaho congressional district.

We urge every member of Freedom First Society to view this 1-hour, 22-minute DVD and then use it aggressively to help build a dynamic organization of responsible Americans in your area.

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