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The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance (DVD)


An inspiring 28-minute power-point presentation by FFS volunteer Chapter Leader Mrs. Mary Smith on the “vigilance” it will take to preserve freedom.

Mary draws heavily on the wisdom of America’s Founding Fathers to explain the principles for securing freedom, particularly as embodied in our Constitution.

George Washington emphasized the importance of morality and religion as indispensable supports and James Madison urged that in order to secure our freedom that the people be enlightened, awakened, and united.

Mary then highlights documentation that America has strayed from these principles largely due to the plans of clever power-seekers, and she outlines Freedom First Society’s strategy to expose those plans and restore limited government.

Mary Smith is a 24-year veteran of the freedom fight. In addition to her work as a volunteer Chapter Leader for Freedom First Society, she homeschools her five children and operates a small business.

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