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How to Restore America’s Greatness (DVD)


This DVD presentation by Freedom First Society President G. Vance Smith is a serious wake-up call for Americans who rely on the mainstream media for news (1 hr., 7 min.).

The presentation demonstrates the real causes of America’s decline and explains why support for an organized bottom-up program is absolutely necessary:  The corrupt hold of a Conspiracy on government is simply far greater than most Americans understand.  It’s destructive agenda for power simply cannot be halted or defeated by ignoring the Conspiracy’s inroads and existence.

Two revealing historical video clips spice up the presentation: George H.W. Bush (Sr.) claims that the Gulf War will help create a UN that lives up to the vision of its [heavily Communist and CFR] founders. And Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, speaking at the CFR, reveals the importance she places on the Council’s advice.

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