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November 2015 FFS Action Report

Dear Member,

Here is a link to our November 2015 Action Report.

To assist you in navigating our redesigned website, we are also including here some convenient links to items mentioned in the Report.

Convenient Links to Discussed Topics:

“Time to Curb the Court” by Don Fotheringham

“Police Killings of Blacks: Here is What the Data Say,” NY Times (10-16-15)

“The Power of the Purse” by Tom Gow

“Status of New (2015) Con-con Resolutions by State”

“Dagger in the Heart” Campaign Action Report


“The Sovereign Dynamic” by Don Fotheringham

“It’s a Whole New Con-Con Game” by Don Fotheringham

We encourage all members to share these alerts with interested personal contacts, while adding their own comments.

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