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March 2017 FFS Action Report

Posted on: November 05, 2017

By Tom Gow

March 2017 Freedom First Society Action Report

Dear Member,

Here is a link to our March 2017 Action Report.

For your convenience, here is a link to last month’s Report: February 2017 Action Report.

To assist you in navigating our website, we are also including here some convenient links to items mentioned in this and recent Reports.

Topic:  Anti-Trump Protests

“Obama-linked activists have a ‘training manual’ for protesting Trump,” New York Post, 2-18-17

Media-Controlled Delusion (64-page booklet)

Topic:  President Trump

“Trump Keeps Obama’s Top Gay Rights Envoy at State Department,”, 2-13-17

Topic:  Tapping Facebook Power

“In a Nutshell, the Case Against a Con-con” by Andrew Carver.

“Repeal and Accept (Big Brother!)” by Tom Gow.

“Terrorists Welcome!” by Andrew Carver.

Topic:  Save our Constitution!

“In a Nutshell, the Case Against a Con-con” by Andrew Carver. 

“Expose the Article V Con-con Fraud” campaign page.

“No Convention of States NC,” rebuttal to ad hominem attacks. (See also the link to the Heckler-Levin video rant at the end of this North Carolina Facebook post.)

Model Article V Con-con Rescission-Resolution

Topic: FFS DVD for developing/recruiting prospects

“How to Restore America’s Greatness” (DVD) (ordering info)

We encourage all members to share these alerts with interested personal contacts, while adding their own comments.

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