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Global Warming Models Prove Fallacy of AGW

By Richard Larsen, Sunday, August 4, 2013 It’s always fascinating to see the public responses to columns challenging the notion that man is “causing” the earth to warm. Predictable are the personal attacks against such purveyors of contrarian dogma, as well as references to the favorite buzzwords and invalidated...
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Learning Lessons from California

by Richard Larsen This past week California Governor Jerry Brown announced that his state is facing a “ballooning” budget deficit of more than $16 billion. In an interview on CBS News, Brown said, “We’re not some tired country of Europe. We’re a buoyant, dynamic society that will both discipline...
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The Global Warming Hoax

by Tom Gow, Freedom First Society VP The “Science”  “The global warming alarm is dressed up as science, but it is not science. It’s propaganda.” — Professor Paul Reiter, Pasteur Institute, Paris, member of the UN’s IPCC. Ref.:The Great Global Warming Swindle. “There is no direct evidence which links...
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Countering the (Manmade) Global Warming Skeptics

“Climate Fears Turn to Doubts Among Britons” (New York Times, May 24, 2010) FFS:  The NY Times report reluctantly acknowledges rising skepticism about serious climate change, but tries valiantly to return the high ground to the fear mongers.
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Is (Manmade) Global Warming Hoax Dead?

“Expected Failure of Climate Bill Taints U.S. Image as Clean Energy Promoter” (CQ Politics, 5/03/10) <link error> FFS: Don’t bet on the demise of global warming fright-peddling yet. While we welcome reports that public opinion has turned against the propaganda, the hoax in support of power-grabbing climate-change legislation and treaties...
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Insiders Can’t Seal the Lid on “Inconvenient” Scientific Truth

“American’s Global Warming Concerns Continue to Drop” (Gallup, 3/11/10) FFS:  The public is becoming aware that many climate scientists dispute the Al Gore predictions of catastrophic man-made climate change.  However, the proponents of this pretext for a massive government power grab continue brazenly to push forward as though their...
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The War Against U.S. Industrial Capacity

“How they are turning off the lights in America” (Climate Physics, November 9, 2009) <link error> Alternate link:  “How they are turning off the lights in America” Last year’s news, but significant!
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