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Is (Manmade) Global Warming Hoax Dead?

“Expected Failure of Climate Bill Taints U.S. Image as Clean Energy Promoter” (CQ Politics, 5/03/10) <link error> FFS: Don’t bet on the demise of global warming fright-peddling yet. While we welcome reports that public opinion has turned against the propaganda, the hoax in support of power-grabbing climate-change legislation and treaties...
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Insiders Can’t Seal the Lid on “Inconvenient” Scientific Truth

“American’s Global Warming Concerns Continue to Drop” (Gallup, 3/11/10) FFS:  The public is becoming aware that many climate scientists dispute the Al Gore predictions of catastrophic man-made climate change.  However, the proponents of this pretext for a massive government power grab continue brazenly to push forward as though their...
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The War Against U.S. Industrial Capacity

“How they are turning off the lights in America” (Climate Physics, November 9, 2009) <link error> Alternate link:  “How they are turning off the lights in America” Last year’s news, but significant!
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“New Documents Show IPCC Ignored Doubts About Himalayan Glacier Scare”  (Global Warming Policy Foundation, 1/24/10)
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In the News

Climategate.  “Climategate puts all global-warming research under a cloud” (Nashua Telegraph12/13/2009) Hypocrisy In Copenhagen.  “Dominic Lawson: Roll up, roll up for the great Copenhagen emissions-fest” (The Independent 12/08/09) British op-ed questions sincerity of world leaders meeting in Copenhagen Carbon Trading Scams Reveal Potential for Massive Corruption.  “Copenhagen climate summit: Carbon trading fraudsters...
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Give Obama a Chance? Give Truth a Chance!

No More Government Power Grabs Thru Orchestrated Crises On Wednesday, November 19, 2008, President-elect Barak Obama addressed the climate summit hosted by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (please see 4-minute Obama video clip, below??). In his short address, Obama clearly demonstrates that he has embraced the globalist agenda by promoting...
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