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The “Deep State” Deception

The Insiders of the Conspiracy for world domination have long sought to neutralize expected resistance, in part by disparaging Conspiracy “theory” as a refuge of the ignorant.  A principle tactic has been to highlight irresponsible and unsubstantiated conjecture, à la the emanations of Alex Jones, as representative of all claims of conspiracy.  Many thinking Americans, regularly bombarded by such media, are thus understandably reluctant to consider even the solid evidence of conspiracy.

Recently, however, the Insiders have allowed, and even encouraged, the notion of a “Deep State” conspiracy to become popular.  The central “Deep State” idea is that government employees are opposing a duly elected president.  But this popular view serves to obscure the very real Conspiracy for totalitarian power, while confusing and neutralizing resistance.  It also reinforces the great media swindle that the direction of our nation is decided by choosing a president, one of either Party acceptable to the Conspiracy.

Counterfeit Leadership
At one time, The John Birch Society (JBS) was the most reliable source for responsible leadership in exposing the Conspiracy.  That mission has obviously changed.

Now the JBS seeks to identify its Conspiracy message with the “Deep State” publicity of Fox News and the mainstream media, and to promote the Establishment-supported image of President Trump as an outsider threatening the Establishment.  (Note: Fox News was created by media-mogul Rupert Murdoch, at the time a member of the Establishment’s Council on Foreign Relations [CFR].)

In doing so, the JBS forfeits the leadership upon which so many have depended to expose a very serious threat.  JBS Founder Robert Welch described the Conspiracy as the “most ruthless conspiracy in human history” — a far cry from a group of swamp creatures protecting their turf.

Even worse, the JBS and its publication, The New American, are now reinforcing the Establishment campaign to neutralize conservatives.  It’s certainly worth asking why?  Let’s look at some examples.

Twice so far this year, The New American has devoted an entire issue to reporting on the “Deep State.”  We look here at the first, the January 8 issue.  In the opening article, “Deep State: Pulling Strings from Behind the Scenes,” we read:

Whatever one may think about Trump and his policies, there is a great deal of evidence suggesting that the 45th president is under attack by the Deep State as well.  Longtime establishment loyalist Newt Gingrich hinted at it on Fox News before the election. Commenting on why Trump had the establishment in a panic, Gingrich said he is “an outsider; he’s not part of the club; he’s uncontrollable; he hasn’t been through the initiation rites; he didn’t belong to the secret society.” [Emphasis added.]

The New American avoids drawing the obvious conclusion.  If Trump were “uncontrollable” and “not part of the club” and “under attack by the Deep State,” then why would “longtime establishment loyalist Newt Gingrich” stump for Trump and Trump’s agenda?  (See Gingrich’s 2017 book “Understanding Trump” endorsed by Trump apologist Sean Hannity.)

And why would President Trump appoint members of the Establishment’s Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) to high positions, such as his appointment of CFR veteran John Bolton as his National Security Advisor? (See our post, “The John Bolton Charade.”) Something is very fishy!  The Establishment wants us to think that President Trump is not its friend, and The New American reinforces that objective.

We are reminded that Jimmy Carter also campaigned as an outsider to gain the presidency.  Later, it was revealed that Carter was very much a part of the Establishment. After Carter had become a founding member of David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission, Insider Zbigniew Brzezinski groomed Carter to become president.  In return, Carter would choose Brzezinski as his National Security Advisor.

The next article, “Bureaucracy vs. Trump, America, Constitution,” reinforces the false leadership.  We are given a very watered-down concept of conspiracy as a bunch of unelected bureaucrats worried about protecting their turf from a president who had briefly promised to drain the swamp.  In fact, after the election, President Trump disavowed the concept, according to his Establishment-supporter Newt Gingrich.

Indeed, the article excuses Trump’s failure to drain the swamp as “getting bad advice,” while trivializing the real Insiders in the President’s circle:

He may very well be getting bad advice from ‘Deep State’ operatives….

In fact, some of the Deep State’s leading luminaries — such as fanatical “New World Order” advocate and population-control zealot Henry Kissinger … have even been embraced by Trump in recent months. On October 10, Kissinger visited the Oval Office and was showered with praise by the president.  “Henry Kissinger has been a friend of mine. I’ve liked him, I’ve respected him,” Trump said of the man who practically embodies the Deep State swamp. “He’s a man I have great, great respect for.”

Consider:  Donald Trump has criticized NAFTA as a bad deal for America and is seeking to renegotiate its terms.  But NAFTA is designed as a steppingstone to regional government, à la the European Union. As such, it constitutes a very serious threat, ignored by the President.  The U.S. needs to get out of NAFTA, not renegotiate it.  Yet President Trump’s “friend” Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller were the primary champions of NAFTA.

In a 1993 column that appeared in the July 18 Los Angeles Times, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger declared:

It [NAFTA] will represent the most creative step toward a new world order taken by any group of countries since the end of the Cold War, and the first step toward an even larger vision of a free-trade zone for the entire Western Hemisphere…. [NAFTA] is not a conventional trade agreement, but the architecture of a new international system….  A Western Hemisphere-wide free-trade system — with NAFTA as the first step — would give the Americas a commanding role no matter what happens.

A few months later, David Rockefeller championed the agreement in the Wall Street Journal:  “Everything is in place — after 500 years — to build a true ‘new world’ in the Western Hemisphere,” Rockefeller enthused, adding “I don’t think that ‘criminal’ would be too strong a word to describe … rejecting NAFTA.”

Indeed, what needs to be exposed is the architecture of NAFTA and the role the globalists envision for it:  a steppingstone to regional government following the path of the European Union, and then a merging of regional governments into an unelected world-government tyranny.

In short, the American people are being scammed by the idea of a Deep State.  Donald Trump is no serious threat to the globalist agenda, and The New American’s focus on the popularized “Deep State” bureaucracy of self-serving bureaucrats obscures the real looming danger.

Elsewhere, the magazine speaks of a “Deep State behind the Deep State” and ties the concept to “the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg network, as well as the secret societies.” But that only compounds the damaging confusion.

In the issue’s closing article, “Exposing the Deep State,” Arthur R. Thompson, the current CEO of The John Birch Society, claims:

But it is also true that the Deep State views President Trump as an outsider [thereby echoing Insider Newt Gingrich]. The swamp creatures detest him and his message of “America First….”

If that is true, then why does Trump appoint CFR swamp creatures to high positions?  Moreover, let’s see how the Internationalist Establishment — the very real force that directs most of our government — actually views the President’s “America First” message.

Foreign Affairs
Foreign Affairs is the magazine of the International Establishment’s Council on Foreign Relations.  The November/December 2016 issue of Foreign Affairs, published shortly before the election, addressed “The Power of Populism” and presidential candidate Donald Trump’s appeal to America First.  Although the articles register some concern, the authors are definitely not alarmed.

Indeed, “Populism” and “America First” are portrayed as natural reactions that serve to restrain elites.  In “Trump and American Populism — Old Whine, New Bottles,” Michael Kazin writes:

For his part, the Republican nominee vowed, in a major address last April:  “American First” will be the major and overriding theme of my administration….

Trump is hardly the first politician to bash elites and champion the interests of ordinary people…. Adherents to the second American populist tradition — the one to which Trump belongs — also blame elites in big business and government for undermining the common folk’s economic interests and political liberties…. At its best, populism provides a language that can strengthen democracy, not imperil it…. Populism has had an unruly past…. But Americans have found no more powerful way to demand that their political elites live up to the ideals of equal opportunity and democratic rule to which they pay lip service during campaign seasons.  Populism can be dangerous, but it may also be necessary.

The “Deep State” in Action
The New American also devoted its entire August 20, 2018 issue to a “special report” on the Deep State — “Deep State in Action.” In actuality, there is little in the issue about the popular concept of the “Deep State.” Instead, the issue describes the work of Internationalists in several areas and then invents a tie to the Deep State, referring to these Internationalists as “Deep State globalists.”

In the lead essay to the issue, “The Deep State and Its Subversive Designs,” editor Gary Benoit accepts media complaints about President Trump and stories about a Deep State conspiracy as unquestionably sincere:

Anyone who doubts the reality of the Deep State needs only to survey today’s major news stories to recognize both that the Deep State exists and that this unelected shadow government within the executive branch of the U.S. government hates President Trump and is working to undermine and even overthrow his presidency.

The misdirection here is mindboggling (see The Bottom Line, below).  Certainly, the JBS leadership recognizes the advantage to the Insiders of hyping conflict, real or otherwise, as with the promotion of professional wrestling.  Attacks from the Left serve to convince busy conservatives that they can sit back and depend on “their” president to do what can be done.

Indeed, the JBS “leadership,” is encouraging the Trump euphoria, supporting the Establishment swindle that the American system is all about choosing a king every four years, and even insisting that everyone knows about the Conspiracy now — more “counterfeit leadership.”

Indeed it’s hard to see the difference in what’s coming out of JBS and what we expect from the Establishment’s Rush Limbaugh (who also targets the “Deep State”) or its National Review (see, for example, “Trump the Outsider,” May 21, 2018).

And the JBS now claims to have been exposing the Deep State for 60 years — an outrageous fabrication!

Conservative Fundraising Pumps a “Deep State” Threat
Most beltway “conservative” organizations fail to organize or inspire any grassroots efforts.  Their message is merely “just send us money and you can sit back and relax. We’ll do good things on your behalf and report back to you.”  The popularized “Deep State” seems to be their latest fundraising hot button.

A recent fundraising letter from the Campaign for Liberty was titled: “Stop the Deep State Coup.”  Although the letter was written over former Congressman Ron Paul’s signature as Chairman, we doubt that Ron wrote it or even plays much of a role in the organization to which he lends his name.

While in Congress, Ron Paul would never admit there was a Conspiracy (he preferred to treat the battle as purely ideological among mistaken, sincere people). So it’s interesting to see what kind of Conspiracy he (or his fundraisers) have suddenly discovered:

There’s a cabal of Washington, D.C. insiders plotting a Deep State Coup to send a message that’s as clear as it is chilling . . .

They think the American people’s ability to determine the direction of our own government is just too “dangerous” to be allowed to stand….

The truth is, this Deep State Coup isn’t a coup against any one president. It’s a coup against us. The American people.  It’s about our ability to determine our own destiny.

After watching the establishment of BOTH parties fail so spectacularly over the past two decades, the American people chose a president without establishment pedigree to stick it to ‘The Swamp’ in 2016 in no uncertain terms.

But Deep State swamp dwellers were never going to go down without a fight….

The truth is, the unchecked growth of government over the past few decades has resulted in thousands upon thousands of ‘Deep State’ Washington, D.C. bureaucrats who believe they should be the ones in charge.

That’s about as watered-down a description of what is driving America’s decline as you can imagine.  It does nothing to inform readers regarding the very real Conspiracy for power that threatens America.  But it does exploit those who support President Trump in order to raise money.

Similarly, a fundraiser from the conservative Judicial Watch group states:

Right now, Judicial Watch is in federal court with over 30 separate lawsuits to get to the truth behind a serious threat to our constitutional republic.

These lawsuits can help expose the illicit Deep State conspiracy to abuse government powers to target the Trump presidency….

Please, I urge you to help us today with a special contribution to help us fight in federal court.

It is time to confront illegal secrecy in government.

The charge that a conspiracy of turf-protectors originated within government actually reverses the record, while hiding the very real Conspiracy for totalitarian power.  That Conspiracy originated outside of government and has successfully enabled its adherents to be appointed to positions of trust in government.  For example, Freedom First Society’s Masters of Deception — The Rise of the Council on Foreign Relations pointed to the real origin and nature of  current State Department control:

Within two weeks of the outbreak of war in Europe, the Council on Foreign Relations seized the opportunity to gain a foothold within the U.S. State Department. Hamilton Fish Armstrong, editor of Foreign Affairs, and Walter Mallory, the CFR’s executive director, met in Washington with Assistant Secretary of State George Messersmith (CFR).   Armstrong and Mallory offered the CFR’s help in developing wartime policy and postwar planning for the State Department.  Out of their offer grew the War and Peace Studies project, with financing by the Rockefeller Foundation.

The group worked in secret.  Keep in mind that this “study group” was formed a full two years before the United States was brought officially into the war by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The CFR’s “temporary” project and personnel were gradually absorbed into the State Department, and their influence expanded into permanent domination.

The Bottom Line
The attacks on President Trump from the Left have the effect of driving many conservatives more firmly into the pro-Trump camp.  Reports of a Deep State conspiracy opposed to President Trump have the same effect.

Although the motivations of the several sources may be different, they all distract responsible Americans from the solid evidence of a Conspiracy to build a totalitarian world order. And they help many Americans decide to sit back and watch the President fight their battles.

Even those who believe that President Trump has good intentions should recognize that a President doesn’t have the power to reverse course alone.  Our Founding Fathers and the Constitution created the House of Representatives as the means to control and rein in our government.  Yet Trump’s message seems to be “leave it up to me – I’ll do it for you.”  Yet this should alarm his followers, as Trump won’t be president forever.

We also observe that Trump doesn’t promote the principles of freedom, such as the Constitution, so he is supporting no real agenda to undo the inroads of the Conspiracy and he is providing no useful legacy to the next administration.

This is no time to sit back and expect any president to solve our problems.  The Conspiracy’s agenda is moving rapidly forward and can only be stopped when more and more Americans inform themselves (but not with Fox News) and become involved.

There are plenty of reasons to be concerned. For example, there is the collusion in Congress to ignore the Constitution and our national debt, resulting in the decline in middle class opportunity.  There is the widespread extolling of “diversity” as a replacement for a culture that supports freedom.  There is the attack on the traditional family.  There is the drive to legitimize the pot culture, as though the human race was created to fill an opium den.  And we could point to many more.

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  1. This is a very informative assessment as to what
    is going on in our country and the objective of
    those in the CFR and the Trilateral Commission.
    The truth must prevail and the people who love
    this country and our liberty must open their eyes
    and become aware of the enemy and its goal.
    The Spirit of 1776 must be reborn. Thank you for keeping us informed.

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