What You Won’t Hear on Fox

“A coalition affiliated with the anti-racism Black Lives Matter movement called for criminal justice reforms and reparations for slavery in the United States among other demands in its first policy platform released on Monday….

“The agenda was released days before the second anniversary of the slaying of unarmed black teen Michael Brown by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Brown’s death, along with other fatal police shootings of unarmed black men over the past two years, fueled a national debate about racial discrimination in the U.S. criminal justice system.” [Emphasis added.]
“U.S. slavery reparations sought in first Black Lives Matter agenda,” Reuters (Yahoo News), 8-1-16

Rather than informing the public, the mainstream media slavishly cooperate with revolutionaries to provide “pressure from below” by reporting their propaganda at face value, even using that pressure and media coverage to suggest there has been a genuine “national debate” (see above).

Of course, the mainstream “liberal” media say nothing about the real agenda driving these movements. But what about the media that portrays itself as providing the other side of the story, designed to appeal to conservatives?

There you will find plenty of discussion of current issues from a conservative standpoint, but discussion primarily restricted to media-managed “common understanding.” The subversive forces and their agendas that are creating our problems are not part of that understanding.

A good example is the reaction of “conservative” media outlets to the revolutionary “furor” over police shootings of blacks. In the argument over whether a particular policeman’s action was justified, you won’t hear what people desperately need to learn in order to preserve their freedom.

The Real Objective — Pave the Way for a Police State

You won’t hear that, in 1961, the Internal Security Subcommittee of the United States Senate published “A Communist Plot Against the Free World Police,” describing a highly organized campaign “directed primarily toward discrediting the police in the eyes of the people.” A principal tactic of that campaign was to charge local police with “brutality” and demand outside oversight, initially by leftist-controlled civilian review boards.

The world Communist movement (supported by the Insiders) developed the campaign to undermine a critical bastion of freedom — independent, decentralized local police, accountable to the communities in which they live. The ultimate goal was, and is, to nationalize our local police. (See also Media-Controlled Delusion, Chapter 2 “Police Brutality.”)

The liberal media emphasize the phony idea that federal oversight is necessary to overcome all kinds of state and local shortcomings and un-American biases. And the conservative media provide stirring rebuttals to engage their audience, but they ignore the real threat. Why? Not because they don’t know what’s going on, but because at the top, they, too, are Insider-controlled.


Expose the Article V Con-con Fraud — Report

Our  Expose the Article V Con-con Fraud Campaign Action Report targets, in particular, the “Convention of States” project — one of several insidious attacks on our Constitution using the pretext of addressing legitimate conservative concerns.  Please read the report, and, when you understand the danger, support our campaign to derail this dangerous threat.

Urgent action is called for as the deceptive campaign targeting state legislatures is very well organized.  [A link to this report and additional support can also be found on the “Expose the Article V Con-con Fraud” Campaign Page, accessible via the “Take Action” tab.]

Recommended actions are provided at the end of the Report and also on our “Expose the Article V Con-con” Campaign Page.

The online Campaign Action Report is recommended for emailing.   Hard copies of  this Report can be ordered below through Tools & Products. Note that 25 copies are only $6 including shipping and 100 copies only $15 including shipping. So please be aggressive in your plans.


Congress Caves on Amnesty

On February 27, the Senate passed a “clean” version of H.R. 240, the FY 2015 appropriations bill for the Department of Homeland Security. The original House version included a provision denying any funding to implement President Obama’s executive orders regarding “temporary” “amnesty” for illegal immigrants.   On March 3, the GOP-led House also caved in and approved the Senate version.  The President signed the measure the following day.

Please see our analyses of both the House and Senate votes:

House GOP analysis

Senate GOP analysis


Monthly Action Report Excerpts re Common Core

October 2014 Action Report

“Getting to the Core of Common Core”

“The longitudinal student data tracking systems which are currently being put in place in states all across the country will compile personally identifiable data on every student. That means that a student’s test results, academic and disciplinary records, and even personal information about students’ personal and family life are being plugged into a database that will follow them their entire lives.” — Julianne Young in a new DVD 

Idaho Chapter Leader Mrs. Julianne Young has researched and developed a blockbuster new presentation on a topic dear to her heart — education.   Julianne graduated from Idaho State University with a bachelor’s degree in education.   For this latest presentation, she had done masterful work in researching and organizing what those concerned about Common Core should really be looking at.

Julianne supplies a unique and vital perspective missing from the national “debate.”   In particular, she points out that Common Core is just one recent manifestation of a much bigger agenda that has plagued education for decades. And she insists that the real threat driving Common Core cannot be defeated without addressing the bigger picture.

So impressed were we with Julianne’s message that we invited her to come to Colorado Springs and allow us to make a DVD of her presentation. A DVD would enable all members to spread her message as part of a campaign opportunity.

For starters, we urge members to familiarize themselves with the presentation.   Note: The DVD is provided as a bonus to anyone who contributes to our Fall financial appeal.

Once members are familiar with Julianne’s message they will likely be eager to share her presentation with others.   That will mean ordering additional copies — for sale at group meetings or for lending.   Excellent prospects for either might include: 1) “conservative” members of local school boards; 2) local citizens who have expressed concern over Common Core; 3) home-schooling parents; and 4) parents who have children in government schools. Standard FFS DVD quantity pricing applies (see the Tools & Products page on our website).

The nationwide momentum behind Common Core, supported by billions in federal money, has properly alarmed many Americans, even though they see only a small part of the picture. Exposing the Core of Common Core, by hosting presentations and organizing outreach, is an excellent project for local chapters.

Action Summary:  View and share the “Getting to the Core of Common Core” DVD (available for purchase and as a bonus for responding to the Fall financial appeal).


November 2014 Action Report

Common Core “Standards”

“The nationwide momentum behind Common Core, supported by billions in federal money, has properly alarmed many Americans, even though they see only a small part of the picture.” — October Action Report

Members who contributed to the Fall financial appeal received Freedom First Society’s new Getting to the Core of Common Core DVD as a special “thank you” bonus.   This outstanding presentation by Idaho Chapter Leader Julianne Young provides vital perspective missing from the “conservative debate.”

A National Power Grab

“Conservative” leadership addressing Common Core generally adopts the narrow, reactive focus Julianne Young warns against, as though Common Core were an isolated problem. For example, an April 2013 National Review online report stated:

“The federal government has spent billions to move Common Core forward, and it has put billions more on the line. Unfortunately, parents, teachers, tea-party activists, and governors have every reason to believe Common Core represents major, unprecedented federal intervention into education.” [Emphasis added.]

However, as Julianne points out, Common Core is not unprecedented federal intervention but merely another major step in a planned power grab spanning most of a century.

Not surprisingly, a brief search of the Internet turns up dozens of state organizations that have been formed to fight Common Core. Unfortunately, experience shows that single-issue organizations are generally ineffective, because they decide to ignore the big picture of what they are up against.

In this climate, aggressive member action can make a unique and incisive contribution. Chapters should be making plans to use this new wake-up tool aggressively.   We have recommended ordering additional copies — for sale at group meetings or for lending.   As we suggested last month:

“Excellent prospects for either might include: 1) “conservative” members of local school boards; 2) local citizens who have expressed concern over Common Core; 3) home-schooling parents; and 4) parents who have children in government schools.”

We urge Chapters and members to adopt a dual strategy with the DVD: 1) Use it to create interest in Freedom First Society among good prospects for membership; and 2) share it with local opinion leaders who are confronting Common Core.

Our standard DVD prices apply: Individual copies are $7 each, 3 to 9 copies $5 each, 10 or more copies $3 each, plus a flat $3 shipping and handling per order, regardless of quantity.  Note: A generic flyer for promoting presentations comes with each order.


January 2015 Action Report

The Core of Common Core

“The Common Core standards were developed in 2009 and released in 2010. Within a matter of months, they had been endorsed by 45 states and the District of Columbia….

“Joel Klein and Condoleeza Rice chaired a commission for the Council on Foreign Relations, which concluded that the Common Core standards were needed to protect national security….

“The U.S. Chamber of Commerce endorsed the standards, saying they were necessary to prepare workers for the global marketplace. The [Establishment’s] Business Roundtable stated that its #1 priority is the full adoption and implementation of the Common Core standards.” — Diane Ravitch, “education historian,” in a speech to the Modern Language Association on January 11, published in the Washington Post, 1-18-14

 In our November Action Report, we urged Chapters and members to adopt a dual strategy with the “Getting to the Core of Common Core” DVD: 1) Use it to create interest in Freedom First Society among good prospects for membership; and 2) share it with local opinion leaders who are confronting Common Core.

Note: A generic flyer for promoting presentations comes with each DVD order.


February 2015 Action Report

The Core of Common Core

 As The President Makers amply demonstrates, anyone who seriously threatens the Insider agenda will not gain the presidency anytime soon. Lawmakers who play the presidential race game are helping to perpetuate the Great American Myth — the deception that Americans can make real change by electing the candidate for president who makes the most sense on the campaign trail.

Accordingly, we are disappointed that Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has made a bid for the presidency.   Many conservatives will undoubtedly find comfort in Paul’s opposition to Common Core. In a swing through New Hampshire (Reuters, 1-14-14), Paul argued that it would be better for local schools to develop their own standards, thus fostering innovation: “If you have a national curriculum and rules, you’ll never get to these new ideas.”

The Reuters report further noted:

“Paul’s position against Common Core distinguishes him from former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, the Republican who has come closest to officially declaring his presidential candidacy and who has expressed support for the standards…..

“Paul added that if elected, he would eliminate the U.S. Department of Education, a sentiment that drew applause from the audience.”

Not mentioned are the forces that quietly persuaded so many states to adopt Common Core. Allowing them to remain hidden from public scrutiny will not defeat their agenda.

Fortunately, our Idaho Chapter Leader Julianne Young has provided a great service by exposing those forces with her masterful Getting to the Core of Common Core presentation (available on DVD from Freedom First Society). Julianne shows that Common Core is not an isolated “mistake” of flawed planning, as most politicians would prefer to treat it.   Rather, Common Core is just one part of a long-term collectivist battle to control the education of America’s youth, as a foundation for a subservient socialist society.

While it is refreshing to hear a senator advocate the elimination of the unconstitutional U.S. Department of Education, we note that “conservative” presidential candidate Ronald Reagan did so decades earlier. Yet, as president, his administration never even entertained such a step.

The Department of Education is so well entrenched and so important an accomplishment for the Insiders that it will not be reversed simply by a political position statement. The American people will first need to understand the subversive danger the Department truly represents.

Leadership Meeting Remarks

At an October 2014 leadership meeting, Freedom First Society President, G. Vance Smith discussed three tactics/strategies that the Insiders (Conspiracy) regularly employ to move forward their objective of total socialist control over nations and the world. Here are the three followed by a paragraph summary of Mr. Smith’s remarks for each.

  • “Create the appearance of popular support.”
  • “Break the will to resist.”
  • “Patient gradualism.”

Create the appearance of popular support

Since the Insiders control almost all aspects of the national media and educational institutions, it is fairly easy for them to promote their agenda by creating the appearance of strong demand for that agenda. With this near monopoly they are able to convince people that the gradual slide of events leftward is inevitable and that it cannot be stopped. They thus create the impression that same-sex marriage, abortion, legalization of marijuana and street drugs, and general moral decline is what people and society want, and that it cannot be stopped. Of course, this simply isn’t true, but the Insider objective is to convince people that they are out-of-step and out-of-touch with reality if they do not comply.

Break the will to resist

Insider controlled neo-conservative and accepted “conservative” voices (Pied Pipers), allowed to express their views and opinions on Insider owned and controlled media outlets — Fox Cable, etc., flood good people with horrible “ain’t it awfuls” every day. Problems, problems, and never solutions to those problems. It is all so overwhelming that the viewer and listener are convinced there is simply no hope. Thus, completely neutralized, they give up before they even consider organizing to fight back. In this climate, along come the tangential “ain’t it awfuls” with their false solutions. Don Fotheringham discusses many of these very effectively in his booklet Tangents and Traps. Again, as these tangents are presented — tax-rebellion, con-con calls, Posse Comitatus, chem-trails, militia movements, etc., etc., they not only work to demoralize and thwart genuine and organized resistance, but they work to paint all genuine patriots as nut-cases like the purveyors of these views. These are very clever and effective tools that the Insiders use to their benefit.

Patient Gradualism

The Insiders know that they personally will prosper by serving a Satanic Conspiracy in their lifetimes whether or not the objectives are completed, as long as the specific Insider proves his dedication to moving those objectives forward. Patriots, on the other hand, are looking for the quick fix — the tangential shootout tomorrow at high noon at the “OK Corral.” So their “Patient Gradualism” benefits the Insiders in two ways — the longevity of their programs adds to the discouragement of those who claim “it is just too late” and it supports the “Roman candle” antics of those promoting “Quick-fix” solutions.


All three of the above lead us to know and better understand that there are true solutions. The patriots need to organize and to work with linked arms to accomplish specific concerted action objectives that can expose and defeat the Conspiracy. It is hard work. It takes sacrifice, commitment over the long haul, perseverance, determination, and dedication.

Yes, the same qualities and characteristics our Founding Fathers and revolutionary soldiers epitomized as they sacrificed all to ensure freedom for future generations. It is hard, but it can be done. Freedom is worth every bit of what we can invest in it while there is still time. We need to keep our collective eyes on the ball — avoid tangents and traps — organize for victory, and do all that we can to build Freedom First Society and work to preserve freedom.

Senator William Jenner — One Who Spoke Out

One Who Spoke Out

We do not have the space here to build a solid case for our claims of Conspiracy. However, to give them some credibility, we point to remarks by the late Senator William Jenner from Indiana. What gave Jenner particular authority to warn of organized subversion was his position in the early fifties as chairman of the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee.

WilliamJennerThe Senate Internal Security Subcommittee (killed by the Left in 1977) had been investigating subversive influences (most notably Soviet-allied Communist) that had gained a foothold in our government and political system, particularly while we were allies of the Soviets during World War II.

On February 23, 1954, Senator William Jenner addressed the Senate with a warning:

“Today the path to total dictatorship in the United States can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by the Congress, the President, or the people….

“Outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system, another body representing another form of government, a bureaucratic elite which believes our Constitution is outmoded and is sure that it is the winning side….

“All the strange developments in foreign policy agreements may be traced to this group who are going to make us over to suit their pleasure….

“This political action group has its own local political support organizations, its own pressure groups, its own vested interests, its foothold within our government, and its own propaganda apparatus.”

And there have been many others familiar with different parts of this Conspiracy.

Professor Carroll Quigley

In his monumental 1966 work, entitled Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time, Professor Carroll Quigley, Bill Clinton’s mentor at Georgetown University, wrote:

“There does exist, and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network…. I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960’s, to examine its papers and secret records.”

Dan Smoot

One of the earliest explanations to really hit the mark appeared in a groundbreaking 1962 book, The Invisible Government, authored by the late Dan Smoot. Dan Smoot was a courageous former FBI agent, who undoubtedly became the first outsider to raise widespread alarm over the influence of a then little known organization — the Council on Foreign Relations. In addition to writing The Invisible Government, Smoot carried his warnings to an American audience via the Dan Dan SmootSmoot Report — a syndicated 15-minute weekly television broadcast (also a newsletter).

But Smoot was ahead of his time, and times were good. Too few Americans took his warning of well entrenched subversion seriously. Yet with the passing of almost half a century, the damage to our system from the invisible government Smoot described has neared the breaking point.

In the intervening years, several researcher-authors tried to carry the story to the American public. Some of those sounding the alarm, such as Admiral Chester Ward and former U.S. Ambassador and Assistant Secretary of State Spruille Braden, could speak from first-hand inside experience.   Yet again, too few Americans heard the evidence directly, and fewer still were willing to give the message serious attention and do what was necessary to stop the subversion.

Today, however, as our nation’s health visibly evaporates, a great number of concerned Americans are willing to seek answers outside of television news and network documentaries. Our plan with this campaign is to show concerned Americans what is really behind America’s “missteps” and how they can help to avert disaster.

Don’t Let Down Your Guard

UPDATED: 34 Senators Oppose Law of the Sea Treaty,” — Jim’s (Senator Jim DeMint) Blog, July 11, 2012

FFS: With the total number of senators who have publicly announced their opposition to the Law of the Sea Treaty hitting the threshold necessary to block ratification, news stories are widely announcing that LOST is dead for this session. But don’t be too sure.

Proponents have massive political clout at their disposal, including major corporate pressures, and the possibility of senators changing their position in December exists.

(Moreover, the internationalist architects and supporters of this UN power grab will certainly bring it up again, so more work is necessary to build informed public opposition.)

Recommended Action: Keep the pressure on your two U.S. Senators to oppose the treaty. Use the above link to discern which senators have announced opposition to the treaty. Also, read and share Masters of Deception to build informed opposition to the internationalist agenda.

Beware of Lame Duck!

Despite Push, Sea Treaty Likely for Lame Duck” — CQ Today Online News, 5-22-12

FFS: A priority of the Obama administration (and internationalists in both parties) is to have the United States agree to the extremely dangerous “United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea” (UNCLOS). Opposition in the Senate has for decades prevented the subversive1982 treaty from coming up for a vote (a two-thirds vote is needed for ratification).

However, the latest strategy of the treaty’s supporters, including Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry (D-Mass.), is to wait until after the November elections and bring the matter up in a lame duck session, when lame duck and surviving senators are more susceptible to internationalist pressure.

As one indication of the renewed Insider push to entangle the U.S. in this further step toward UN-administered world government, we point to a recent op-ed (“Time to Join the Law of the Sea Treaty”) in the Wall Street Journal by Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, James Baker III, Colin Powell, and Condoleezza Rice. All of these CFR authors served in the CFR-dominated post of secretary of state during Republican administrations.)

The opposition has cranked up as well. 27 GOP Senators have signed a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid promising to oppose the treaty if it comes to the senate floor for ratification. A May 25th article “Opposition to Law of the Sea Treaty heats up” by the Hill contains the full text of the letter and the 27 signers. 34 votes (7 more senators) are needed to block ratification.

Internationalist supporters of the Law of the Sea Treaty, which went into effect in 1994, are advancing clever arguments for ratification, replete with deceptions.   The treaty would give the United Nations unprecedented control over more that 70 percent of the earth’s surface. Seldom mentioned is the fact that the treaty is one internationalist strategy for providing the United Nations with its own independent source of revenue — royalties from mining the ocean’s seabeds.

While converting the U.S. to a “green economy” is not the answer to “sustained growth,” as the CFR’s Joseph Stiglitz and Fareed Zakaria would have us believe, there is great opportunity for U.S. technology, ingenuity, and capital to tap the enormous wealth of the seas.

Recommended action: Building sufficient pressure to overcome Insider support for this dangerous treaty requires time, so please get started now. Check the above article to see which senators have already come out in opposition to the treaty. Write your two senators, urging those who have announced their opposition to hang tough and urging the others to oppose the treaty publicly. Likewise inform and mobilize other Americans to register their opposition.

Export-Import Bank Renewed

The House voted Wednesday [May 9, 2012] to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank [H.R. 2072] for another three years, permitting the agency to continue providing hundreds of millions of dollars in trade assistance to U.S. firms….

“All 183 Democrats voted for the bill, along with 147 Republicans, but 93 GOP lawmakers voted against it.”
 — “Export-Import Bank reauthorized by House; Senate expected to act soon,” Washington Post (online) 5-9-2012

FFS: Similarly, on May 15th the Senate voted overwhelmingly (78 to 20) to send the House bill as passed to the president. No Democrats opposed the reauthorization. Republicans were split: 27 to 19 in favor.

The charter for the internationalists’ creation, the Export-Import Bank, was set to expire on May 31st. The Bank was also pushing against its authorized lending limit of $100 billion. In the past, the periodic renewal of the Bank has encountered little opposition, but this time considerable principled opposition arose.   Nevertheless, given the Insider influence on Congress, the outcome should not have been in doubt.

Congressional Quarterly Today’s description of the battle should have raised questions (such as why any Republicans would support a top priority of the Obama administration at this time):

“A top priority of the Obama administration, renewing the [Export-Import] bank’s charter divided Republicans who have been caught between their allies in the business community — who desire passage — and free market advocacy groups that oppose government-backed export financing as a form of corporate welfare.” — “Deal Sets Up Passage of Ex-Im Bill,” CQ TODAY ONLINE NEWS, 5-14-2012

FFS: The above report and others referred to the pressure from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers, which were supporting this federal intervention in the free market. But no mention was made of the fact that the Bank supports the internationalist agenda of boosting socialism abroad and has operated in the past to aid America’s enemies.

A prime example were the loans in the 1970s to the Soviet Union to finance the building of the world’s largest truck factory on the Kama River. At that time the Export-Import Bank joined with Chase Manhattan in an even split to finance 90 percent of the project, which subsequently produced trucks supporting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Neither was any mention made in much of the media coverage of the fact that the powers of the Ex-Im Bank are not authorized by the Constitution.

Although the dollar amount (the lending limit is scheduled to increase from $100 billion to $140 billion in stages), the votes are nevertheless revealing of the internationalist grip on Washington, which transcends party.

Good News in the “Culture War”

Same-sex civil unions bill fails in Colorado” — Reuters, 5-9-2012

North Carolina Voters Pass Same-Sex Marriage Ban” — New York Times, 5-8-2012

Arizona bans funding of Planned Parenthood” — CNN, 5-5-2012

Georgia bans most late-terms abortions, assisted suicide” — Reuters, 5-1-2012

FFS: Despite the recent good news in the culture war, the long-term outlook is bleak unless more Americans recognize the deceptions and true objectives of the Establishment organizations driving the revolution. Please see our May Action Report and Masters of Deception.

Note also: In an ABC interview on May 9th, President Obama came out in support of same-sex marriage. See below:

Obama declares support for gay marriage” — ABC OTUS News, 5-9-2012


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