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Campaign for Decency — Curb the Courts

Curb the Courts

The first purpose of our Campaign for Decency is to pressure Congress to use its power granted in Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution to limit the appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, particularly in cases relating to public or private religious expression, definitions of marriage, sexual practice, and abortion.

An activist Supreme Court has corrupted the meaning of our Constitution and done great damage to our nation through landmark cases involving the denial of Bible reading in public schools, prohibition of school prayer, the legalizing of abortion, banning religious displays in public places, legalizing sodomy, and defending pornography. Congress clearly has the power to make exceptions to those kinds of cases and block their review by the higher court.

The lead article for the campaign explains the proper procedure for Congress to follow to assert its authority.

Note: The president has no authority to veto this action.

Model Resolution (downloadable PDF)

The Culture War

Under the “Campaign for Decency,” Freedom First Society also provides leadership in the Culture War.  Few Americans understand the organization and deceptions driving the Culture War, which is why the majority is losing this war.   Read our “Culture War” campaign article and order copies to share.

Also, see Andrew Carver’s  “‘Living’ Is Fatal for Constitutions,” and his “For Whom the Court Toils,” both re the contstutional heresy undergirding the June 26, 2015 Supreme Court decision supporting same-sex marriage.

(Campaign launched July 2009)

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