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We urgently need your help.  Here is an opportunity for each FFS member to truly make a difference! 

With the start of the 2017 legislative season, the war for an Article V Con-con is quickly heating up again.  The enemies of the Constitution are off and running.  Indeed in 8 states, 16 measures calling for a Con-Con were already pre-filed in the last few weeks of 2016. 

In all but five states, 2017 marks the start of a new legislature: in all but two (New Jersey and Virginia), it signals introduction of a whole new spate of measures for consideration. 

By tomorrow (Jan. 4), 19 states will have begun their 2017 legislative session. By Wed. of next week (Jan. 11), 39 state legislatures will be in session.

If allowed to succeed, the movement to get an Article V Constitutional Convention would not only potentially, but in this day and age almost certainly, be disastrous. There are simply no legal ways for a legislature (or a group of them) to control an American  a people’s — Constitutional Convention. And to lose our Constitution, or even one basic right that it protects, could lead us into outright tyranny.

So, we can’t let that happen!  Fortunately, we can still prevent such a catastrophe.  We have logic, constitutional scholarship, and plain old common sense on our side. But we will need the persistence and, increasingly, the determination to debate the illogic of promoters who know their arguments are specious, but are out to steal our Constitution.  Note: Proponents will particularly seek to enlist GOP legislators, who are emboldened by GOP successes in the recent election. 

Please immediately contact your state legislators in opposition to a Con-con. The sooner you do so, the greater the opportunity to derail new bills and the more impact your quick response will have with your legislators.  In particular, point out that an Article V Con-con cannot be limited. Our Expose the Article V Con-Con Fraud campaign page has links to numerous authorities and arguments. 


Andrew Carver 

P.S. As the session progresses in each state, any and all measures calling for a Con-con will be tracked on our website.  Please either bookmark the following two pages of reference for our Con-con battle, or else review where they are found in our website’s main menu, and MAKE USE OF THEM to know what measures to mention in your communications with legislators (in your state or even in others): 

       The page that lists, by state, all measures currently under consideration, calling for a Con-con:       

       Measures Targeted By Campaigns –> Campaign: Expose the Article V Con-con Fraud –> Measures it fights     

       And the page that lists, for each state, its status (i.e., in session or out) and links for doing bill-searches or finding postings of committee hearings:

State Legislatures      

 Also, hopefully soon, that last page’s entries will include a link for locating contact-info of the state’s legislators.

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