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Please “email” or call (i.e., leave message) your representative and senators in opposition to an Omnibus FY2021 appropriations bill or another Continuing Resolution (CR).

Now’s the time to insist on Regular Order – votes on 12 individual appropriations measures.


In late September, an irresponsible Congress kicked the appropriations can down the road by passing a Continuing Resolution (H.R. 8337).  (See our website scorecard analysis of the 9-22-20 House vote — Roll Call 198.)  The Continuing Resolution extended FY 2020 appropriations until December 11.  So, after the November national elections, responsibility now falls on a lame-duck Congress to tackle FY 2021 appropriations.

During the sham debate over H.R. 8337, Rep. Steny Hoyer, the Democratic House Majority Leader, described the challenge Congress would face in passing appropriations bills in December:

We will probably do it in an omnibus, not single appropriations bills, which is not a good way to do it either.

What an admission!  Then why do it that way?  There are clearly corrupt pressures at work in the absence of sufficient pressure from an informed and aroused public.

After the election, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell both indicated they favored finishing up FY2021 appropriations with an omnibus.

But omnibus bills hide the bad among the necessary.  Instead, if voted on in smaller chunks (regular order), Congress might just be reluctant to accept some of those bad appropriations.  For the preservation of our free nation, out-of-control government has got to stop sometime, and the sooner the better.

And now Congress will be voting to continue and even increase irresponsible federal spending for the balance of FY 2021.

Requested Action

If left alone, Congress will continue its destructive path of building and nourishing the federal monster while ravishing the private sector.

We urge every member to contact their representative and senators to insist they vote no on any omnibus appropriations bill.  

So, please “email” or call (leave message) your representative and senators:

Suggested Talking Points

Instruction:  Your constituents need you to stand tall and vote no on an omnibus FY2021 appropriations bill or another blanket continuing resolution.

Reasons:  Here are several reasons you can give (just pick a couple, preferably in your own words):

  1. Responsible congressmen, who respect their oath to support and defend the Constitution, must halt unconstitutional and excessive spending.  Omnibus appropriations bills hide and thereby encourage such spending.
  2. Fiscal year 2020 appropriations included massive unconstitutional programs and spending.  No congressman, respecting his oath to support the Constitution, should vote to extend such spending.
  3. For years, Congressional leaders have advocated returning to regular order.  Now is the time to insist that they do. 
  4. Congress has the time, even during the lame duck session, to vote on 12 individual appropriations bills (regular order).  That’s step 1 for bringing federal spending under control. 
  5. Our mushrooming national debt is out of control and will have serious consequences.  Omnibus appropriations continue “business as usual,” with irresponsible deficit spending.  
  6. Congress has no legitimate authority to have the Federal Reserve create more fiat money out of thin air to finance deficits.  Omnibus appropriations measures make it easier for many congressmen to continue business as usual.
  7. Omnibus appropriations measures continue excessive federal spending.  Excessive federal spending is a huge tax burden on the private sector.   Much of America’s manufacturing has shifted to foreign countries, in part, to escape that burden.

Contact Information

This page on Freedom First Society’s website will help you identify your representative and senators.

Our website’s “Index to Current Legislators” provides telephone contact information (for leaving a message) and links to help you “email” a legislator.  For senators, the link takes you directly to their “email” page.  For a representative, the link takes you to the representative’s “home” webpage (from there you must navigate to the “email” contact option).

Clicking on the legislator’s name takes you to the legislator’s individual Freedom First Society scorecard, where you’ll find also the legislator’s DC mailing address (use only if time allows).

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