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As surely as the world revolves, and a new day dawns, political hope is born and reborn and reborn again. Every two years, and every four years, a surge of great expectation lights up the political horizon. New candidates putting fresh faces on old promises appear on the scene like budding plants in springtime. “Finally, at last, this year we have a great guy (or woman) who will go to Washington and get government under control! Let’s get behind this candidate and clean up that mess in Washington.” Right?

What’s wrong with this familiar scene? Nothing, other than it’s chronology is all backwards. The renewable energy of political action is light-years ahead of the electorate. Unless the people at home understand the problem to be solved in Washington, political action is nothing but a wishful roll of the dice. It is a gamble, which even if won is lost. That’s right, rolling a seven or eleven might even get a good man in office, but it cannot keep him there. Moreover, if he uncharacteristically keeps his campaign promises, he will be an outcast in that whirlpool of compromise and accommodation.

The best person you send to Washington can never restore republican government in the face of badly informed, brainwashed Republicans and Democrats at home. The failure of the freedom battle is manifest in public office, but its roots are at home in the public mind. Most people simply do not know what is going on (or who really runs things), and that is the huge flaw in premature political action. We send men and women into the lion’s den, unaware that there is even a lion lurking in the pit.

When the media begin to chew up perfectly good members of Congress, few citizens in their district can overcome the onslaught or see through the ruse. Hardly any American citizens realize there is an enemy who rules behind the scenes, and consequently few in his home district realize what’s happening to their elected official. He may have done his best to honor his oath of office, but his own party, the press, and the leadership in Congress have isolated and silenced him, and his poorly informed friends at home no longer stand by him.

Unless the voters in a congressional district understand the anti-American forces at work, and have sufficient numbers to stand solidly behind a real statesman in Congress, their political action is doomed. It is way ahead of its time. Freedom is a year-round undertaking, not an election-year hope. To achieve positive, genuine reform, the great expense and energy spent every election year must first be used to build a strong base of citizens wise to the Conspiracy.

The illusory quick-fix of political action directed at a naive, uninformed electorate is a huge election-year, no-win tangent.

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