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“But obviously, if the Insiders at the top cause enough of these “demonstrations” to be organized, and to become big enough and disorderly enough, the American people can readily be brought to accept, approve, and even applaud, the use by these Insiders of army troops, as an auxiliary or substitute for local police forces, to restore ‘law and order.'” — Robert Welch, December 1969

Wise activists are wary of attention-seeking activities that challenge public order. Any such major activity nearly always attracts the media. Television crews and reporters rush to such occasions looking for strife, controversy, and yes, many reporters hope to film violence.

News coverage of public dissent in the form of a march, demonstration, or protest plays directly into the hands of the Conspiracy. Anarchy — or virtually any form of public disorder — creates an excuse for government to show its muscle and exercise force against the dissidents, which turns out to be force against everyone. This has been one of the most common yet subtle ways by which governments expand their power.

The general public wants order, and the Insiders want police power for which disorder is a convenient excuse. Citizens must beware of being used in any form of public protest that strengthens the enemy by furnishing an excuse for more laws, more government, and extreme enforcement measures.

Once a public protest is organized — for good or ill — all it takes is one or two people planted in the crowd to provide the violence or ill manners that can be displayed on television to discredit the cause.

For this and other good reasons, Freedom First Society does not organize demonstrations, marches, and other kinds of public protest. Moreover, we scrupulously stay away from areas where confrontation or violence are likely to occur, and we advise our patriotic friends to do likewise.

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