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The following article is one of 28 essays in Tangents and Traps (2010), a booklet written by Don Fotheringham and published by Freedom First Society. The $3.00 booklet was written to help would-be activists avoid the tangents and traps that have diverted so many well intentioned Americans into non-productive or even counter-productive activity. As the author points out, “at no time in our nation’s history have so many decoys and detours obstructed the road to freedom.”

It’s easy to get blind-sided by this tangent for it evokes plenty of emotion. The specter of a Muslim population taking over our cities, electing their own Congress, gaining control of the United States, and crushing all of Christianity is not a picture lightly dismissed.

So let’s take a few steps back and look at the “Muslim doomsday” from another viewpoint. Let’s start by considering the long-term objectives of our global engineers at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Is it not in their plan to destroy America’s middle class and merge an impoverished U.S.A. with the nations already captive by the global elite? If so, then how is a Muslim ascendancy compatible with their worldwide plans? It’s not.

From that angle, the Muslim hysteria has one primary purpose: It takes your eyes off the CFR-run Conspiracy and gets you hypnotized on a more visible, more frightening sort of impending Muslim takeover.

We find it interesting that the national news media, owned and controlled by CFR stalwarts, have been so gracious in their coverage of the “growing Muslim menace.” Also, those writers who flood the net with horrible tales of Muslim atrocities are no amateurs at fright propaganda. Hitler would have eagerly hired them to heap identical hatred on the Jews. In fact, their hate-a-Muslim tirade might even be plagiarized from some old Nazi script. It has an eerie similarity.

The history of U.S. meddling in the Mideast reveals plenty of intrigue, such as maneuvering the good leaders out and installing radical rulers. A prime example was the CFR/Carter administration’s orchestrated removal of the pro-Western Shah Reza Pahlavi of Iran so that the viciously anti-Western Ayatollah Khomeini could seize power. So we now reap the effects of CFR meddling in the form of “official” administration words and threats, likely intended to give credence to the media’s Muslim distraction now being orchestrated here in the U.S.A.

In recent years, CFR Insiders have intervened to prevent the arrest of individuals, such as Sami Al-Arian, whom U.S. intelligence officers had clearly identified as foreign Muslim terrorists on U.S. soil. We do not forgive the terrorists, nor do we forgive the U.S. Insiders who could have prevented the tragedy of 9-11. Our point is this: The same enemy that opened our borders to terrorists and drug runners will open the way for any other crisis-creating condition, whether it be Muslims or the mafia, or welfare addicts, or spies, or communists, or terrorists, or Jack-the-Ripper. That’s part of the crisis strategy for gaining power. The Insiders depend on emergency conditions to impose unprecedented restrictions on Americans, not to take effective action against anyone or anything that weakens the United States.

Meanwhile the Insiders have moved the spotlight away from their diabolic purpose and turned it, for the time being, on a Muslim threat. Please do not fall for this. Don’t allow hate or fear toward any religious or ethnic group to alter your good will, dampen your spirit, or block your view of world events. Look for the source of the hate propaganda, determine the motives of the perpetrators, and just keep a cool head as you steadfastly identify and expose the master Conspiracy.

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