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Organize for Victory


Is the existence of a powerful Conspiracy with a grip on world affairs just a theory championed by undisciplined minds insisting on easy explanations for complex problems? Or is the Conspiracy’s existence a demonstrable fact? What evidence is there to establish this Conspiracy’s existence? Could America’s tenacious problems be due to a common misdiagnosis of what is ailing her? Find out in Organize for Victory!: Principles of the Freedom First Society. In addition to analyzing the roots of America’s drift from the principles that support freedom, Organize for Victory! explains:

  • Why common solutions based on a misdiagnosis of the “disease” are doomed to fail.
  • How Americans can avoid being deceived by the Establishment media.
  • Why specific strategies are needed to break the grip of a powerful Conspiracy.
  • What concerned citizens can and must do to really make a difference.

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