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Arizona immigration law sparks huge rallies” (CBC News (Canada), May 1, 2010)

FFS:  The above Canadian CBC News report goes even further than the story in advancing the strategy of subversive revolutionaries. CBC News allows the demonstrations of “hundreds of thousands of people” “in more than 70 cities” to appear as a spontaneous reaction of diverse Americans to the Arizona law. The planning, hidden objectives, and agenda of the organizations orchestrating the protests are ignored.With this report, CBS News provides a perfect example of Revolutionary Parliamentarianism at work, in which grassroots protestors create the appearance of mass demand for revolutionary government action (in this case President Obama’s promise for comprehensive “reform” of the country’s immigration system.)

Even more shallow is the report’s characterization of the Communist/Socialist May 1st holiday as a “traditional Labour Day in many countries around the world, where rallies are held for a variety of social-justice causes.”

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