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Climategate.  “Climategate puts all global-warming research under a cloud” (Nashua Telegraph12/13/2009)

Hypocrisy In Copenhagen.  “Dominic Lawson: Roll up, roll up for the great Copenhagen emissions-fest” (The Independent 12/08/09)

British op-ed questions sincerity of world leaders meeting in Copenhagen

Carbon Trading Scams Reveal Potential for Massive Corruption.  “Copenhagen climate summit: Carbon trading fraudsters in Europe pocket €5bn” (London Telegraph 12/10/2009)

A British Lord Raises Serious Questions about the Science of Climate Change and His Government’s Response.  “Lord Turnbull Questions UK Climate Policy in the House of Lords” (GWPF12/10/2009)  <link error>

EPA Brands Carbon Dioxide a Pollutant.”EPA Determines that Greenhouse Gases Threaten Public” (CQ Today 12/07/2009) <link error>

FFS: Responding to “a 2007 Supreme Court Ruling that greenhouse gases fall within the Clean Air Act definition of air pollutants” the EPA action is timed to support the Obama administration in Copenhagen. But global-warming skeptics abound.

Socialized Medicine: Are Payoffs to Politicians Preventing Tort Reform?  See “The President’s Tort Two-Step” (WSJ 09/11/2009)

Destructive Politics in Implementing Socialized Medicine: Taxes on Healthcare Innovation Would Subsidize More Expensive Health Care and Discourage Advances.  “The Innovation Tax” (WSJ09/18/2009)

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