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IMF calls for dollar alternative” —, 2-20-2011

FFS:  The planning for the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund originated within a subgroup of the Council on Foreign Relations’ (CFR) War and Peace Studies Project during 1941-1942, with the final plan established at the international Bretton Woods conference in 1944. The IMF was ostensibly created to help stabilize currencies at the end of World War II and to control international exchange rates. However, it was intended from the beginning to evolve, at an opportune time, into a world central bank, issuing an international currency. At the Bretton Woods conference, Federal Reserve Board governor Mariner Eccles observed: “An international currency is synonymous with international government.”

World financial ministers have sought to use the 2009 global financial crisis to strengthen both the IMF and World Bank, in the guise of reform. In the above CNNMoney report, note the proposal by CFR heavyweight (and Trilateralist) C. Fred Bergsten, founder and director of the Peter G. Peterson Institute for International Economics. (The Peterson Institute is a globalist think-tank named after the former Chairman of the CFR, who replaced David Rockefeller in 1985.) Also, note the comments by Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the 10th Managing Director of the IMF and member of France’s Socialist Party.

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