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The story of Herman Dinsmore (1900-1980) demonstrates how it is still possible in our information-rich society for supposedly well informed individuals to be unaware of critical information adverse to the Conspiracy.

For 34 years, Herman Dinsmore worked in the heart of the Establishment’s media organ — The New York Times. For nine years (1951-1960), he served as editor of the International Edition of the Times.

Dinsmore became angry at what he saw at the Times — a deliberate, systematic distortion of the news as a matter of official Times policy. And so, the professor of journalism took up his pen and wrote an exposé of the Times, appropriately titled All the News That Fits.* His critical analysis of the Times appeared in 1969 during the Vietnam War, the Times coverage of which drew special criticism from Dinsmore.

What is particularly noteworthy is what Mr. Dinsmore discovered with further study after leaving the Times. He began to see the big picture. Mr. Dinsmore had every reason to consider himself well informed. As editor of the International Edition of the Times, it was his duty to be aware of every story reported in the paper. However, his further investigation led him to an awareness of important events that had not been reported. With new insight he would acknowledge the existence of a Conspiracy.

In 1974, Dinsmore published a much more enlightened exposé of what was afflicting our nation. In The Bleeding of America, Dinsmore wrote:

The idea that the United States of America was under attack from some of its own citizens developed very slowly in the writer’s mind. It was not until he read Dr. Medford Evans’ The Secret War for the A-Bomb that he became convinced that a genuine effort was under way to establish a global check on this country — to balance other nations against it, to prevent it from winning wars; in short, to clip the wings of the American eagle.

Prior to publication of The Politician, while Mr. Welch’s leaked manuscript was in the form of a private letter, statements taken out of context from The Politician were used to support a withering smear campaign in the nations’ media against Mr. Welch and his Society. After publication, the book was conspicuously ignored. Nevertheless, in total disregard for whatever embarrassment or harassment it might cause himself, Mr. Dinsmore made this statement:

Reading The Politician, which I have just done during December [1969], was for me quite a revealing experience. It is hard for a professional newspaper man to confess that so many things, which he thought were just happening, were actually being made to happen by sinister and conspiratorial forces. But in all honesty the confession must be made. The Politician was a real eye-opener, which caused all kinds of mysterious pieces, of a puzzle that still bewildered me, to fall rapidly into place. I recommend the book emphatically to every patriotic American who wants to understand not only what is now taking place all around him, but also why. This book is the product of historical research of the first order.

Since World War II, the Conspiracy has undertaken many steps to “clip the wings of the American eagle,” as Mr. Dinsmore discovered. The object has clearly been to limit America’s ability to act independently and to increase her dependence on other nations and international authority.

In recent decades, America has suffered from deindustrialization and manufacturing flight. Our steel factories have shut down, while the U.S. has helped to build China’s steel production. America is even importing raw materials from abroad.

Over the last several decades, America has lost military bases in Iran, the Philippines, and at the Panama Canal. In Vietnam, the U.S. built a seaport at Cam Ranh Bay and an air base at Da Nang, and then with our pullout allowed these facilities to fall into Soviet hands. These developments are also summarized in Organize for Victory!

* Herman H. Dinsmore, All the News That Fits: A Critical Analysis of the News and Editorial Content of The New York Times (New Rochelle, NY: Arlington House, 1969).

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