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No More Government Power Grabs Thru Orchestrated Crises

On Wednesday, November 19, 2008, President-elect Barak Obama addressed the climate summit hosted by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (please see 4-minute Obama video clip, below??).

In his short address, Obama clearly demonstrates that he has embraced the globalist agenda by promoting a massive power grab. Virtually all of the president-elect’s statements in this clip are false, deceptive, or misleading. We examine here a few of those statements (Note: FFS members see “Further requested action,” below):

Five Million New Green Jobs?
Should government fill the unemployment gap by creating five million “quality” jobs? Obama’s promise reminds us of the actions of rising Insider Harry Hopkins during the first FDR administration. In less than four months Mr. Hopkins had inaugurated an incredible 180,000 (!!) different make-work projects. The globalist Insiders in that day brought on the Great Depression and greatly prolonged it as a means and excuse for increasing the power and functions of government.

Certainly Obama’s promise must be appealing to many who are out of work, see their jobs threatened, or merely find their incomes slashed because of the recession. But jobs and increasing wages are created naturally by entrepreneurs eager for a profit who necessarily must compete in the labor market.

Unless, government gets in the way. How? By legislating minimum wages, expensive mandatory health-care benefits, extensive regulatory overhead and taxes and then subsidizing foreign competition. Insiders have also misused government to drive investment, manufacturing, and heavy industry, such as steel production, abroad.

The false notion that it’s government’s proper role to create jobs has been promoted to the public for decades. But it is a dangerous notion that reflects the interventionist public works policies of the 1930s. Such policies prolonged and deepened the great depression (see, for example, America’s Great Depression by Murray N. Rothbard).

Americans may not realize government’s role in bringing on the current financial crisis, but they are instinctively concerned about the massive “bipartisan” steps being taken to “rescue” the economy. That understandable concern has been heightened by the latest announcement of a massive bailout of Citigroup (a fresh $20 billion injection, an earlier $25 billion, and now a pledge to backstop losses on $300 billion of assets).

Now everyone is coming to the trough. The auto manufacturers want their share, and Congress wants to promise help to everyone. But where does it end? How can government afford such sums? The answer is through monetary inflation. But inflation will rob many Americans of their savings and the value of fixed incomes.

The Science of Climate Change is Settled?
No, Dr. Obama, the science is not settled. Both you and your ally Al Gore undoubtedly know that very eminent scientists dispute your claims (see particularly our review of Lawrence Solomon’s book, The Deniers).

Historically, revolutionaries have used the threat of crisis, real or imagined (such as rising sea levels, shrinking coastlines, and stronger hurricanes) to drive forward their power-grabbing agenda. And an orchestrated propaganda campaign to deceive the public that there is no credible scientific dissent regarding catastrophic manmade global warming serves such an agenda well.

Achieve Energy Independence?
Certainly, a worthwhile goal. But the Insiders who control the presidency (see “The Great American Swindle”) have worked hard to accomplish just the opposite — to make America INTERdependent, so she will have no choice but to submit to international controls. Were it not for the work of these Insiders, America would have maintained her energy independence during the past century and never experienced a government-created energy crisis.

Just as the above linked article predicts, Obama is not selecting new faces to staff his administration to institute genuine change. Rather he is recycling CFR Insiders just as his Republican and Democratic predecessors in the White House have done for decades.

Make Nuclear Power Safer?
Make nuclear power more safe? Give us a break. Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice shame on us. Can anyone who recalls the anti-nuclear campaign of the seventies doubt that the nuclear power industry failed to do anything technically possible to make nuclear power more safe?

Nevertheless, under pressure from some of the same forces that have supported Obama, nuclear power plants were dismantled in this country (even though nuclear power had a sterling record of safety compared to alternative methods for large-scale power conversion). An insidiously orchestrated propaganda campaign created doubts and bolstered public fears about this American technology. While being dismantled at home, our technology was enthusiastically embraced and employed safely by other nations, such as France.

Recommendation: Check out the suggested links and verify the truth of these assertions for yourself. Obtain a copy of Organize for Victory! Learn about the high level support for an agenda to change America from a free and independent republic governed by a constitution into a mere province of a regional government run by unaccountable bureaucrats as with the EU. Rather, these bureaucrats would be accountable only to internationalist Insiders. Americans don’t need that kind of change!

Through Organize for Victory! you will also find out what you can do, and other Americans need to do, to prevent your inheritance of freedom, not to mention your prosperity, from being destroyed. The economic opportunity and freedom of future generations also hangs in the balance.

Further requested action for members and other concerned Americans: Share this message with others to introduce them to Freedom First Society programs and then follow up.

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