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Say “No” to Socialized Medicine

“Like it or not … socialized medicine may well be on its way to America.”
— Wall Street Journal, 11/25/2008

Politicians continue to use a phony humanitarianism as a pretext for a cynical socialist power grab — government control of American health care.

The organized international campaign to have the governments of the world take charge of health care dates back to the first half of the last century. See this incisive 1950 editorial by Robert Welch in the Boston Herald  warning of the danger for America.

America did not become a beacon of hope to the world because of paternalistic government, but because government got out of the way and let the people produce and keep the fruits of their labors. The American health care system does need reform — real reform of getting the federal government out of the system. The Constitution does not authorize any federal involvement in health care and for good reason. Taking care of our medical needs is not why the Founders proposed a strictly limited federal government.

Moreover, more federal involvement would mean less quality and greater costs. We do not need the federal government to manage our doctors and authorize treatments. Nations with universal government-sponsored health care necessarily offer poor service. America does not need overworked, underpaid doctors dispensing aspirin and long waiting lines for important medical procedures.


• Freedom First Society urges members and friends to contact Congress and voice their opposition to any expansion of government’s involvement with our nation’s health care. (Also, see our June 2009 Action Alert and our July 16, 2009 Action Alert.)

• On October 1, 2009, Freedom First Society posted its rebuttal to President Obama’s September address to Congress, in which he urged passage  of new healthcare reform legislation.

• On August 22, 2009, Freedom First Society posted links to two video clips of Congressman Mike Rogers (R-MI) arguing against the proposed healthcare “reforms.” Congressman Rogers is a cancer survivor, who believes his condition would not have been discovered in time under a system of government-controlled medicine. As such, he is particularly passionate and persuasive in opposing the dangerous transformations in health care currently being promoted.

• On August 6, 2009, Freedom First Society interviewed Dr. Max Chartrand, a veteran in the fight against socialized medicine since the late 1980s. Dr. Chartrand’s alarming remarks provide valuable insight into the damage President Obama’s so-called reforms would do to health care, the economy and our freedoms.

• On August 4, 2009, Freedom First Society posted a link to a revealing 2-minute YouTube video of remarks by President Obama on health care legislation. Compiled by an independent media watch website, the assembled clips capture the president engaged in deceptive advertising while promoting his health care “reform” goals. We urged members and friends to share this link with comments (theirs and ours.)

Additional Background

Excellent background reading documenting the subversive origins and agenda of the drive for national compulsory health insurance is contained in two books:

Edward Annis, M.D. (Past President, A.M.A.) Code Blue: Health Care in Crisis. Washington, D.C.: Regnery Gateway, 1993.

Marjorie Shearon. Wilbur J. Cohen: The Pursuit of Power, A Bureaucratic Biography. Washington, D.C.: Gray Printing Company, 1967.

In Code Blue, Dr. Annis recounts from firsthand experience the battles to prevent socialized medicine.  Code Blue also tells very credibly how fringe groups garnered mainstream acceptance for this federal power grab using the Fabian Socialist strategies of permeation and gradualism. Very readable.

Marjorie Shearon witnessed the subversive agitation for socialized medicine from within the Executive Branch while she worked as a researcher in the Public Health Service. In 1945, she went to work for Senator Robert A. Taft (R-Ohio) “for the express purpose of helping him to defeat national compulsory health insurance.” In 1961, she was the sole opposition witness against Wilbur J. Cohen at his Senate confirmation hearings on his nomination as Assistant H.E.W. Secretary. As Shearon documents in her book, Cohen was instrumental in misleading the Congress into adopting Medicare. Comparatively dry reading, but an incredible story filled with invaluable history of the subversion that explains the continuing drive for socialized medicine. (Campaign launched August 2009)

Also read here our summary of the drive as Chapter 1. Socialized Medicine in  Media-Controlled Delusion (a 64-page booklet by Freedom First Society.


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