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House Roll Call: 171     Vote Date: Mar 10th, 2011

Issue: H.R. 830 FHA Refinance Program Termination Act.

Result: Passed in House: 256 – 171, 5 not voting.  Democrats scored.

Bill Summary:  Terminates the FHA Refinance Program.

Analysis:  The FHA refinance program is an unconstitutional program of the federal government. The program offers low-interest government loans to people who are “underwater” on their mortgages. Ending the program is a principled step.

However, this is a GOP posturing vote. The GOP leadership knows it will die in the Senate. Nevertheless, we give credit to those Democrats who have the backbone to buck their party leadership on this issue.

We have assigned (good vote) to the Ayes and (bad vote) to the Noes. (P = voted present; ? = not voting; blank = not listed on roll call.)