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March 7, 2015

To all FFS Members,

Urgent Action Request

We are pleased to be able to offer you an important new tool in your urgent work to stop a dangerous constitutional convention.

Here is a link to an online copy of a just completed four-page “No Con-con Special Report.” [A link to this report can also be found on the “No New Con-con” Campaign Page.]

The online Special Report is recommended for emailing and urgent printing for moderate quality mailings. We are in the process of printing this Special Report in a format just like our monthly Action Reports. We expect to have hard-copies available for shipping by the middle of next week.

Thanks to a generous donation we are able to offer copies of this Special Report at bargain prices to promote wide distribution. Note that 25 copies are only $6 including shipping and 100 copies only $15 including shipping. So please be aggressive in your plans.

Regarding recommended actions, please see the end of this Special Report and our February 19 emailed Action Alert, plus what follows:

* * * * *

Already our members have been instrumental in defeating one measure on the floor of the Senate in Wyoming and also in Virginia.

On the other hand, we have suffered a heart-breaking loss in Utah, where the Utah Senate passed H.J.R. 7 by the narrow margin of 15 to 13 (it had already passed in the lower House). We will shortly email our Utah members an action request for rescission, while the issue is still hot.

But another piece of good news: On March 5th, HCR 3030 was defeated on the floor of the North Dakota House.

We expect to have a comprehensive report on the status of the threat in more states shortly. However, we would like to direct your attention to three states — North Dakota (to use the momentum of the recent victory to finish off five other bad bills), South Carolina (this is very urgent), and Oklahoma — in which urgent action is called for.  [Links were provided to support this request.]

Even if you don’t live in these three states, you may have friends that do who would like to help, and you can certainly email legislators in these states.

(In compiling the data for these states, we are getting enormous help from Freedom First Society member Andrew Carver in Oklahoma.)

You are receiving this email because as of today, March 7, 2015, you subscribe to Freedom First Society’s Action Alert Network.

If for any reason you wish to be removed from Freedom First Society’s Alert List, just reply to this email message and place REMOVE in the subject line. Your name will be removed immediately.

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