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Two states (Tennessee and Florida) have already passed Con-con resolutions this year, and resolutions have passed single chambers in other states.

The speed with which several measures have traveled through state legislatures is quite alarming.  We saw nothing like this last year.

The well funded Con-con proponents seem to have adopted a strategy of devoting extensive preparation to specific measures planned (or already introduced) in selected states.  They then “pre-set the dials” on these measures, so that when unleashed they will move with terrific speed — leaving opponents wondering what hit them.

Requested actions:

1.  Please immediately check Andrew Carver’s updated  status of con-con resolutions to see the status in your state and revisit it regularly.


2.  Contact your state legislators in opposition to any and all Con-con resolutions.  Do this regardless of the status shown in our chart.

3.  If you would like to be on a short list of members ready and willing to take quick action in response to an alert from Andy Carver, please respond to this email accordingly.


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