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President Obama has called health care “reform” his top legislative priority, insisting on draft legislation in the Senate Finance Committee by week’s end. His goal is to have legislation through both houses of Congress by the August recess and a final compromise bill to his desk in the fall.

The agitation for this socialist power grab dates back to the early part of the last century and followed the Fabian socialist strategies of permeation and gradualism. Early federal health “insurance” legislation was repeatedly voted down, but federal involvement finally gained a significant foothold during the Johnson administration with Medicare (1965).

Striving to appear as a champion of progress, President Obama has denounced critics of his plan as representing the “same Washington thinking that has ignored big challenges and put off tough decisions for decades,” blaming the health care predicament, not on government intervention, but on “that kind of small thinking.”

Fortunately, it won’t be easy for the president to obtain a consensus in Congress for a specific proposal, despite substantial Democratic majorities in both Houses. President Obama’s revolutionary actions have alarmed many Americans and emboldened Republican opposition, if not always in defense of correct principle. As a result, a number of congressional Democrats are undoubtedly concerned that supporting an expensive expansion of government control over health care may cost them their seats at the next election.

Recommended Actions:

  • Government capture of health care is an incredibly subversive and long-standing socialist goal of the Insiders. Please read “Who Plans Our Laws,” a 1950 editorial in the Boston Herald by the Robert H.W. Welch, Jr. campaign, which examines this history.   Then share the link with others, adding your personalized comments.
  • Contact Congress again to voice your opposition to any expansion of government’s involvement with our nation’s health care and urge your friends to do likewise.

General principles for effective letter writing and a link to congressional contact information can be found at: “What I Can Do” [Link to letter-writing page]

More Talking Points:

  • As far back as 1993, Dr. Edward Annis, past president of the AMA, identified the real problem with our health care “system” as government:

“All of the current problems in the medical marketplace — hyperinflation, millions of uninsured Americans, excessive administrative costs — carry a “MADE IN WASHINGTON” label. Yet the truth remains hidden to most Americans.” — Code Blue: Health Care in Crisis, Regnery Gateway, 1993

  • “Any reforms must reduce costs and increase access — this will not be accomplished through a government takeover of our health care system.” — U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX), July 13, 2009
  • The federal government should be regarded as essentially bankrupt. The nation cannot afford another extremely expensive government entitlement program.
  • The Constitution does not authorize any federal involvement in health care, let alone using federal money to bribe doctors and hospitals to create a unified national electronic health care records system.
  • Draft legislation that includes a mandatory provision making every individual accountable to the federal government for maintaining personal health insurance, subject to federal penalties for violation, is unAmerican and unConstitutional.
  • Proposals to use the federal government to force every business to offer health insurance to its employees, according to federal specifications, or “contribute” to a federal program are also unAmerican and unConstitutional. Moreover, they reflect a Big-brother mentality.

Our action alert last month on this topic, with its list of talking points, is posted on our website. Also, please see our “Say ‘No’ to Socialized Medicine” campaign page.

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