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Dear FFS Leaders,

            Just FYI, in case you get some questions from online members over the holidays.

We have just implemented an exciting new feature on our website, which will be introduced to members in our January Action Report, still a couple of weeks out. Here is the pertinent info from that upcoming Report:

Blockbuster New Resource!

We are excited to announce a powerful new resource that, with your help, can truly put our online scorecard and Freedom First Society on the map.

Andrew Carver has developed a convenient option for anyone online to create a printed version of a legislator’s scorecard. Printed copies allow you to hand or mail our scorecards to those with whom you do not communicate via email.

You will notice a somewhat different format for the printed version since, unlike the online version, it contains no links to more information. Instead, the report seeks to interest recipients in visiting our online site. There they can find additional information about the scored votes and advice on how to communicate effectively with their rep and senators. They can also print their own legislator scorecards.

To use this new resource, just select the legislator’s online scorecard page and click on the green “Download PDF” button to view the new report. Once the report comes up, merely use the print function in your browser to print the report or save the report as a PDF.



In the meantime, have a blessed and Merry Christmas!


Tom Gow

P.S. When you have a moment, you may wish to check out our analysis of the House vote on the long-term CR to fund the federal government through April 28.


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