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H.J. Res. 48, Roll Call 179

In mid-March, 54 House Republicans rebuffed their party leadership and refused to support another continuing resolution (the sixth this year funding FY 2011) that included only minor spending cuts and no policy riders.

Although the CR passed the House, 271 to 158 (see roll call 179, above), and later the Senate and was signed by the president, it is encouraging to see so many House Republicans refusing to go along. Note: The list of Democrats (italics in the roll call) opposing the measure is not as informative, because many voted ‘no’ claiming the cuts were too deep.

CQ Roll Call Daily Briefing (3-16-2011) commented on the vote:

The 54 Republicans (including a quarter of the freshmen) who voted against the three-week measure can be counted on to vote against almost any spending deal that’s negotiated between Congress and Obama. If they didn’t like cutting $6 billion over three weeks, they’re surely not going to like a final bill that almost certainly will promise reductions at a shallower depth — and that has very little chance of including both of the policy riders (defunding the health care law and Planned Parenthood) they say are required to win their support.

FFS recommends that constituents compliment their representative if he or she voted ‘no’ on the above roll call for the right reason and insist their representative refuse in the future to fund programs not authorized by the Constitution.  (See our Congress: Just Vote the Constitution! campaign.)

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