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Expose the Global Warming Power Grab

Please help expose the hoax of impending crisis due to man-made global warming. Even more importantly, help expose the agenda driving the hoax.

As a lead piece for the campaign, FFS offers an insightful article in electronic format quoting significant authorities. As one useful tool to expose the claims, FFS recommends a powerful, authoritative DVD, The Great Global Warming Swindle, produced by WAGTV (order from

We also recommend The Deniers, a gem of a book surprisingly written by a man with confirmed environmentalist credentials — Canadian journalist Lawrence Solomon. Solomon’s book explodes the myth that an overwhelming scientific consensus supports the UN’s claim of impending man-made catastrophe.  And his book shares the views of eminent dissenting scientists in a very readable form. (Please also see and share our book review).

More recently, we reviewed Green Hell by Steve Milloy. This 2009 book published by Regnery provides an outstanding, well researched look at the broader green agenda, not just its pretext of fighting climate change. Green Hell includes a chapter on President Obama and his administration’s support for “green” goals.

For an even deeper understanding of the agenda behind the alleged crisis, FFS recommends its own book, Organize for Victory! In addition to the above, members have access to display ads challenging the theory of man-made global warming that can be run in local newspapers. (Campaign launched April 2008)

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