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Congress: Just Vote the Constitution!

Posted on: August 05, 2016

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Overview of Issue

  1. The vast majority of the programs comprising the federal budget today are unconstitutional. (See, for example, “Constitutional Camouflage.”)
  2. Simply conforming the activities of the federal government to the Constitution would provide tremendous economic relief to the American people and put America back on the road to unprecedented prosperity.
  3. The House of Representatives can stop unconstitutional spending anytime a simple majority has the will to do so. No long drawn out process to force Congress to act by amending the Constitution is needed or warranted. The Constitution is not at fault. Congress is. (But the root cause is uninformed voters — see next.)
  4. Congress must get its will to vote the Constitution from informed and determined voters back home. Accordingly, our campaign informs voters of constitutional issues and shows them how the leadership of both political parties supports unconstitutional spending.

Campaign Objectives

  1. Our long-range campaign objective is to help Americans supply sufficient counter-pressure on Congress to overcome the Establishment pressures for continued unconstitutional spending.  To do this, in the face of a contrary national media, experience shows that we need to organize in the neighborhood of 1,000 active members in a majority (218) of congressional districts.
  2. An important step in this process is to help Americans understand that the limits of the Constitution must be enforced and guide federal programs and spending.  We seek to help Americans understand that merely arguing over how much we can afford will not tame the federal monster, whereas a Congress that votes to restore constitutional government will revitalize America.
  3. In order to hold Congress accountable, Americans need to know how their congressmen are voting on critical issues.  Accordingly, an immediate objective of this campaign is to introduce our no-nonsense Congressional scorecard to local opinion molders and leaders.  (The target number of contacts for a congressional district is based on FFS membership in that district.)

Recommended Campaign Actions

  1. Cultivate a network of personal contacts (people you know). Periodically share information and action opportunities with your network. Start by sharing a link to the lead article for this campaign.
  2. Regularly write your U.S. representative (and candidates) insisting that they not vote for unconstitutional spending and praising or reprimanding recorded votes as appropriate. Use FFS Action Alerts as a trigger for you own letters and to help others do the same.
  3. Enlist others in our campaign. Assemble a group of personal contacts for a campaign presentation. Contact FFS headquarters to schedule a speaker.
  4. Help build a new grassroots leadership core that America needs for constituents to regain control of Congress – join Freedom First Society.

Campaign Alerts/Resources

“Congress: Just Vote the Constitution!” [Hard copies of 2-page article available]

Voter Betrayal! [Hard copies of 4-page article available]

Downloadable campaign poster (24″ x 36″)

The Great American Swindle [Downloadable 12-page article — PDF]

The Power of the Purse (online article)

Additional Background

Hon. Lawrence Patton McDonald, M.D. We Hold These Truths

Constitution of the United States

The Federalist Papers

(Campaign launched September 2010)

Posts providing support for this campaign:

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House Leadership in 2017

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The Power of the Purse

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59 Conservative Republicans Buck Party Leadership

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54 Conservative Republicans Buck Party Leadership

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George W. Bush Fueled the Housing Bubble (historical)

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House Alone Can Curb Government

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Congress: Just Vote the Constitution!

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Big Money Battles for Loyalty of 112th Congress

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Unconstitutional Mandate 1

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Unconstitutional Mandate 2

“Mandate to buy health insurance might not be constitutional” (The Seattle Times, 1/19/10) FFS: Offers a weak defense of limited Republican government, but raises provocative arguments.
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