Organize for Victory! — Principles of the Freedom First Society (audiobook)

By G. Vance Smith and Tom Gow.  Narrated by Ammon Jones.

Why Is the American Dream Fading?

What Can You Do About It?

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“The truth is, to be sure, sometimes hard to grasp, but it is never so elusive as when it is not wanted.” —
Herman H. Dinsmore (1900–1980)

Is the existence of a powerful Conspiracy with a grip on world affairs just a theory championed by undisciplined minds insisting on easy explanations to complex problems? Or is the Conspiracy’s existence a demonstrable fact?What evidence is there to establish this Conspiracy’s existence?Could America’s tenacious problems be due to a common misdiagnosis of what is ailing her? Find out in Organize for Victory!: Principles of the Freedom First Society. Published by Freedom First Society, Colorado Springs, CO (288 pages), February 2008. In addition to analyzing the roots of America’s drift from the principles that support freedom, Organize for Victory! explains:

  • Why common solutions based on a misdiagnosis of the “disease” are doomed to fail.
  • How Americans can avoid being deceived by the Establishment media.
  • Why specific strategies are needed to break the grip of a powerful Conspiracy.
  • What concerned citizens can and must do to really make a difference.


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