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Written by Paul Smith   
Wednesday, 23 March 2011 12:05

Save the American Middle Class


“Save the American Middle Class” is Freedom First Society’s “umbrella” for a series of short-term initiatives that support a longer-term objective of preserving and unleashing the American Middle Class. The short-term initiatives are designed to engage many concerned Americans in the fight to fend off additional socialist programs that threaten the middle class.

However, as Napoleon once observed, “the purely defensive is doomed to defeat.” Accordingly, our longer-term objective is to roll back long-standing programs, such as the progressive income tax, deficit spending, and federal management of the economy, that have been undermining prosperity and threaten freedom. So an essential purpose of our short-term initiatives must also be to help build sufficient organizational strength and influence to rid our nation of such programs.

The short-term initiatives will be selected among three areas of attack on the middle class:

1. The economic squeeze (taxes, inflation, regulation, lost opportunity – capital and manufacturing flight overseas, illegal immigration, the welfare state, federal deficits).

2. The drive to curtail middle class independence, making the middle class dependent on the federal government for jobs, health care, energy, housing, transportation, and personal security (through the nationalization of police and the prohibition of civilian-owned firearms). Also included could be opposition to internationalist efforts to eliminate the protections we enjoy from constitutional government (e.g. plans for the further submission of the United States to so-called “international authority” such as the UN, WTO, and IMF under the control of international elites).

3. The culture war (unassimilated immigration and multiculturalism, attacks undermining the traditional family, attacks on religion and morality, promotion of homosexuality, federal control of education).

Clearly, the scope is very broad (as is the assault). However, since impact comes from concentration of efforts, it would be a mistake to take on all of these issues simultaneously.

Our first short-term campaign under this umbrella is "Say 'No' to Socialized Medicine," launched in August 2009.

To those who would like to know more about the drive to eliminate the middle class and what needs and can be done to defeat it, we highly recommend ordering our small booklet The Marxist Attack on the Middle Class or reading it online.

(Campaign launched May 2009)


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